The Franklin Family|Family Portrait Session| Morganton, NC

Meet the Franklin Family.  Dylan and Toni live in South Carolina with their two adorable children.   Toni contacted me a while back to do their pictures when they would be in town visiting family. They were actually staying an hour away with Dylan’s mom but also have other family in Morganton. I was just amazed at how willing this couple was to work with me.  They got up, got themselves and the kids fed and dressed and ready,  then drove an hour to meet me at 9:30 on a Saturday morning, all because the forecast was calling for rain at their original appointment time. They should get a medal or something for that!  As you will see we had some fog but no rain!  Just as our session ended it began to rain,  so our timing was perfect!   They were able to bring Dylan’s mom, Sharon, so that she could have some pictures with them too.  2018-12-03_00852018-12-03_00882018-12-03_00782018-12-03_00792018-12-03_00862018-12-03_00822018-12-03_00842018-12-03_00832018-12-03_00742018-12-03_00802018-12-03_00712018-12-03_00892018-12-03_00672018-12-03_00622018-12-03_00602018-12-03_00652018-12-03_00572018-12-03_00592018-12-03_00582018-12-03_00492018-12-03_00452018-12-03_00442018-12-03_00412018-12-03_0010This little guy (above) was so helpful and such a good big brother!!2018-12-03_00512018-12-03_00482018-12-03_00472018-12-03_00372018-12-03_00752018-12-03_00722018-12-03_00692018-12-03_00662018-12-03_0063love the fog!!2018-12-03_00562018-12-03_00342018-12-03_00322018-12-03_00522018-12-03_00382018-12-03_00332018-12-03_0030He said he was a Cheetah!  So he was showing us how fast he could run!2018-12-03_00262018-12-03_00252018-12-03_00202018-12-03_00132018-12-03_00022018-12-03_00062018-12-03_00122018-12-03_00012018-12-03_00052018-12-03_00152018-12-03_00232018-12-03_00182018-12-03_00222018-12-03_00102018-12-03_00142018-12-03_00172018-12-03_00032018-12-03_0029So great to meet and photograph this cute family!  Thank you guys for being so great to work with!


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