Aaron and Brittany Buchanan|Family Portraits|Morganton, NC

Meet Aaron and Brittany Buchanan and their baby, Fisher.  We had quite a bit of bad weather this week so we worked their session in around the snow, which I think turned out to be beautiful!   I thought it was so funny when Brittany contacted me to book their session, she told me right up front, “It can’t be on a Saturday because my husband hunts and I won’t be able to get him out of the woods for pictures”.  Then when they met me at this location for their session and Aaron saw the pond, he was just dying to get his fishing pole out of his truck and start fishing!  He is hilarious!  Needless to say he is quite the sportsman!  This was my first time meeting this family and they were so much fun to work with.   They didn’t seem nervous at all and Fisher was just the happiest little baby!  He did not fuss even once during this entire cold outdoor session!  Oh and I am absolutely loving the matching buffalo check shirts! 2018-12-12_00042018-12-12_00192018-12-12_00262018-12-14_00012018-12-14_00022018-12-12_00242018-12-12_00062018-12-12_00252018-12-12_00292018-12-12_00332018-12-12_00132018-12-12_00302018-12-12_00352018-12-12_00312018-12-12_00322018-12-12_00342018-12-12_00362018-12-12_00282018-12-12_0016Fisher is such a sweet, cuddly baby! 2018-12-12_00092018-12-12_00272018-12-12_00152018-12-12_00122018-12-12_00212018-12-12_00112018-12-12_00222018-12-12_00102018-12-12_00172018-12-12_00182018-12-12_00012018-12-12_0007You guys are so much fun!2018-12-12_00382018-12-12_00032018-12-12_00052018-12-12_00392018-12-12_0037Brittany, thank you for reaching out to me to do these pictures for you.   Aaron, thank you for taking time out from hunting to be in the pictures with your sweet family. LOL!  You guys are great!


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