The Davis Family|Family Portrait Session|Hickory, NC

Meet the Davis family.  Harold, Bev and their son Fisher.  This family is so special to me.  Not only are they an amazing family but I have worked for Harold for the past 18 years!  You see,  Harold is my boss… although he tells people that I am his boss! LOL! Something you may not know about Harold is that he does not follow fads like flavored ice cream.  He likes plain vanilla!!  I tease him about this quite often.  All jokes aside..  Harold has a big, tender heart and is one of the kindest, wisest people I have ever met.  I learn something from him every single day. Harold is a loyal friend.  He gives great advice and I have a great deal of respect for him.  He also has a very witty sense of humor which makes work fun!

 Bev is a shopper and she can find the best bargains of anyone I think I have ever met.  She also has a big heart.  I was so touched to know that she found and purchased prom dresses and suits for a second chance prom their church has been hosting.  How sweet is that!!  Any time she is out shopping she not only buys for her family but she has picked up items for my family numerous times.   She is very thoughtful that way.

  Fisher just graduated college this past May from UNC Charlotte  and is now working in Charlotte.  I am so impressed with Fisher.He has always been such a responsible, smart kid.  He has great personality and can talk to anyone.  Even though he lives in Charlotte, He is still very close to his parents and you can feel it just being around these three.  2018-11-28_00672018-11-28_00532018-11-28_00722018-11-28_00512018-11-28_00482018-11-28_00442018-11-28_00602018-11-28_00462018-11-28_00742018-11-28_00802018-11-28_00782018-11-28_00772018-11-28_00632018-11-28_00652018-11-28_00662018-11-28_00792018-11-28_00562018-11-28_00552018-11-28_00542018-11-28_00592018-11-28_00702018-11-28_00572018-11-28_00682018-11-28_00642018-11-28_00582018-11-28_00812018-11-28_00732018-11-28_00752018-11-28_0076They lost their long time dog and friend, Buddy , this year.  This is a picture of them at his grave and marker Bev painted for him.  2018-11-28_00432018-11-28_00902018-11-28_00872018-11-28_00402018-11-28_00332018-11-28_00312018-11-28_00322018-11-28_00392018-11-28_0042They bought their dream home a few years ago. I love their back deck!!  2018-11-28_00272018-11-28_00372018-11-28_00282018-11-28_00382018-11-28_00292018-11-28_00252018-11-28_00302018-11-28_00262018-11-28_00242018-11-28_00232018-11-28_00222018-11-28_00202018-11-28_00142018-11-28_0015One of my favorites of Fisher!!2018-11-28_00162018-11-28_00172018-11-28_00072018-11-28_00182018-11-28_00092018-11-28_00132018-11-28_00032018-11-28_00022018-11-28_00012018-11-28_00042018-11-28_00062018-11-28_00052018-11-28_00122018-11-28_0011God has blessed me by allowing me to work with Harold for all these years and for knowing his sweet family.


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