Reana Warklick| Sweet 16| Morganton, NC

I had the sweet pleasure of taking pictures for Reana’s Sweet 16 this past weekend!  This girl has a special place in my heart because she has lived right down the street from us since she was a little girl.  Its funny .. She moved in our neighborhood around the time she was into “High School Musical” ( I think she even had the bike!)  ..then it was the “Justin Beiber phase” and now she is this mature, beautiful girl who is DRIVING!!! How did that happen in like 6 years??  This girl is like family to me,  basically a second daughter.   I was thrilled when her mom asked me to come take pictures of Reana before her Sweet 16 Party.

Reana’s parents rented a cabin for her Sweet 16 party that was on beautiful property right here in Morganton, NC.  We  had so many places to take her portraits all on this one property !!It really gave her session alot of variety.  I had so many favorites they were hard for me to choose!

2018-10-14_00262018-10-14_00432018-10-14_0005One of my favorites!!!2018-10-14_00422018-10-14_00492018-10-14_00362018-10-14_00212018-10-14_00382018-10-14_00412018-10-14_00462018-10-14_00482018-10-14_0033


Her nephew stopped by. Isnt’ he so cute!!!

2018-10-14_00322018-10-14_00472018-10-14_00442018-10-14_00152018-10-14_00292018-10-14_00312018-10-14_00192018-10-14_00222018-10-14_00202018-10-14_00092018-10-14_0016Beautiful!2018-10-14_00392018-10-14_00402018-10-14_00272018-10-14_00232018-10-14_00182018-10-14_00252018-10-14_00112018-10-14_00242018-10-14_00122018-10-14_00172018-10-14_0001Reana said to me she felt so awkward at first but you would never tell it in these photos would you?2018-10-14_0004Timeless! 2018-10-14_00032018-10-14_00082018-10-14_00072018-10-14_0006Reana, Happy Birthday!   I wish you the happiest year to come!  Always remember to keep God first in all you do and the rest will fall into place.  Stay sweet!



  1. Gwendolyn C Epley says:

    Laura, these are beautiful!

  2. Rita Aldredge says:

    Laura, Beautiful Pictures! Great Job!

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