Grayson and Julia Turner | Family Portraits|Valdese, NC

Meet Lauryn.  This little girl is an angel.  I say that not only because she is my neice, but because she has brought so much happiness and joy to our family when we needed it most.   She is a little peice of heaven and sunshine to everyone that comes her way.  She is honestly just the happiest little girl.  Oh, and she has pretty great parents too.  Her mama, Julia, is my step sister and her daddy is Grayson.  They are great parents and were amazing during this session with her.  They were so patient with her and offered her ice cream as a reward after getting her pictures taken, but all Lauryn really wanted in return was to get to play on the playground.  That’s a pretty easy deal!   Grayson was more than happy to take her to play when we were finished.  He even let her let go of a balloon she had and she was so funny when she did.  Her reaction is at the bottom of the post!  Its hilarious!   2018-10-14_00682018-10-14_00812018-10-14_00782018-10-14_00722018-10-14_00732018-10-14_00842018-10-14_00752018-10-14_00832018-10-14_00742018-10-14_00652018-10-14_00672018-10-14_0079


She could not be any cuter!!!2018-10-14_00852018-10-14_00662018-10-14_00712018-10-14_00802018-10-14_00692018-10-14_00772018-10-14_00822018-10-14_00762018-10-14_0088All she wanted was to play a little while.  She was so fast on the playground I could barely keep up with her. 2018-10-14_00862018-10-14_00872018-10-14_0090There is the pink balloon.  Are you ready? She let go and2018-10-14_0091There is is!!!  That expression says it ALL! It was hysterical! Grayson and I were rolling!  She is so FUNNY!  2018-10-14_0089Lauryn, you are a sweet, sweet Angel!  I hope you know how much you are loved by ALL!

Love you!


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