Chase and Mackenzie CoffeeHouse/Downtown Morganton Wedding

I have known Mackenzie since she was a preteen.  Our families met when we used to camp at the same campground.  I remember her being very sweet, outgoing and close to her family.  When my photographer friend, David, asked me to help him shoot this wedding I was thrilled because I already knew the bride and had a connection with her family. David is very close to this family because he and Mackenzie’s Dad have been lifelong friends.  Mackenzie and Chase had their wedding at “The Grind” coffeehouse in downtown Morganton.  It was a casual, intimate gathering of very close friends and family.  Mackenzie told me that she wasn’t very comfortable with alot of attention being on her so they decided to exchange their vows privately with each other before the ceremony.  Chase kept his eyes closed until they were  sitting back to back.  This was one of the sweetest things ever and it was so special for them.   I felt priveleged to be able to capture some of those moments.  The minister, who is a close personal friend of the couple, spoke to them privately after their vows and had prayer.  Mackenzie’s Father walked her down the aisle and Chase was so sweet waiting for her.   The smile on his face said it all!  Right after the ceremony,  guests were served a buffet provided by Mountain Burrito, the couples favorite restaurant in Morganton.  After the ceremony and family portraits we walked around downtown Morganton for some portaits of the couple.  I must say that I was impressed how easy going this couple was on their wedding day.  They just had the best attitudes.  It was calling for rain and they were fully prepared for it but we had nothing but blue skies.



2018-10-08_01262018-10-08_01252018-10-08_01242018-10-08_01232018-10-08_01282018-10-08_00012018-10-08_0003Mackenzie’s mom, Kim,  helped her get ready.  2018-10-08_00052018-10-08_00042018-10-08_00062018-10-08_00072018-10-08_00342018-10-08_00022018-10-08_00152018-10-08_0016Mackenzie didn’t have bridesmaides but her close friends were there with her before the ceremony.  2018-10-08_01212018-10-08_01142018-10-08_00142018-10-08_00382018-10-08_0040This was my favorite part.  Their private vows to each other.  2018-10-08_01202018-10-08_00322018-10-08_01172018-10-08_00102018-10-08_00122018-10-08_0011Check out the shoes! Just a quick note about Mackenzie, she wore sneakers to her prom and Toms to her wedding!

2018-10-08_00232018-10-08_00222018-10-08_00182018-10-08_00202018-10-08_00132018-10-08_00082018-10-08_00242018-10-08_00092018-10-08_00412018-10-08_0053This is my friend, David on the left with Mackenzie.   Greg, Mackenzie’s Dad, on the right walking her down the aisle.  2018-10-08_00482018-10-08_00492018-10-08_00612018-10-08_0054This is the ring carier Chase made himself.  John, a longtime friend, was the ring bearer.2018-10-08_01222018-10-08_00692018-10-08_00812018-10-08_0084Mackenzie made her own bouquet.  Crafting is one of her hobbies. 2018-10-08_00822018-10-08_00852018-10-08_00832018-10-08_00802018-10-08_00862018-10-08_00892018-10-08_00882018-10-08_00872018-10-08_0091Look how sweet! Chase is such a gentleman.  Looking out for Mackenzie not to step in a puddle.  2018-10-08_00932018-10-08_00942018-10-08_00962018-10-08_00972018-10-08_00952018-10-08_0101The Buffet was provided by Mountain Burrito, the couples favorite local restaurant. 2018-10-08_01032018-10-08_01022018-10-08_0105Not sure if this was planned or not but Chase’s grandmother wore the same shoes Mackenzie did.

2018-10-08_01062018-10-08_01072018-10-08_01272018-10-08_01042018-10-08_0099Chase and Mackenzie I wish you many years of happiness together.

Best Wishes!


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