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Meet CJ.  He just became a realtor with a company called  Exit Realty.  He is based in Asheville and serving the market of Asheville to Morganton .   For the last several years CJ has been a stay at home dad.  This new career will allow him to continue to serve his family well and now our community.  CJ is a genuinely nice guy.  He has a laid back, easy-going personality and I think he is going to make a perfect real estate agent.  If you find yourself needing an agent, check him out.  Here is a peek at his new professional headshots.  2019-06-21_00362019-06-21_00462019-06-21_00342019-06-21_00292019-06-21_00312019-06-21_00422019-06-21_00322019-06-21_00402019-06-21_00382019-06-21_00302019-06-21_00332019-06-21_00352019-06-21_00482019-06-21_0047CJ,  I wish you all the best in  your new career!


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