Bella and Coco

Meet Bella(the Labradoodle) and Coco (the Dachshund). They are the best of friends.  Bella is just precious and does whatever Coco wants.  Coco is the small but bossy one.    They look like partners in crime to me.  I look at this first picture and smile (because they are adorable) but I also get a lump in my throat.  You know the one you get right before you hold back tears. You see, this photo session was bittersweet for me.  Bella is sick and was diagnosed this week with a very aggressive cancer.   Her mama, Angie, a dear friend of mine, reached out to me and told me Bella’s grim news.  It was important to Angie to get some pictures of Bella with her and Roger while she is still able.  Bella was in the hospital this week and after her diagnosis, Angie made the decision to bring her home and just love her and enjoy their time left together. So between laughter and tears we got these precious pictures that I know Angie and Roger will cherish for years to come.     2019-06-21_00042019-06-21_00062019-06-21_0008Sweet Bella2019-06-21_00052019-06-21_00142019-06-21_00152019-06-21_00102019-06-21_00162019-06-21_00232019-06-21_00202019-06-21_0025Coco was cracking us up!  Look at her under Roger’s leg!2019-06-21_00222019-06-21_00132019-06-21_00112019-06-21_00262019-06-21_0019Best Friends forever2019-06-21_00122019-06-21_00172019-06-21_00092019-06-21_00242019-06-21_00032019-06-21_00182019-06-21_00012019-06-21_0007The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this Earth can ever be.

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