Madison Rose|Fresh 48| Hospital Session

Introducing Madison Rose!  8lbs ,7oz, 22 inches long at her arrival! Sam reached out to me and said she was being induced in a week and thought she and Steve may like to have hospital pictures or what I like to call the Fresh 48 (pictures taken within the first 48 hours of birth).  Normally, I am not able to obligate myself to these type of sessions due to my schedule.  I work a full-time (9 to 5) job Monday through Friday so I can’t be “on call” at night to go to the hospital and I work during the day.  Not to mention, I also have family obligations with my kids and I have other photo sessions scheduled in advance.  Pretty much everything I do has to be planned in advance !   However, after Sam and I talked,  I told her I would make every effort to be come to the hospital on her induction date.   She was so relaxed about it and said if I could get there that would be great and if I couldn’t make it she would completely understand.  I just didn’t want to disappoint a new mother if she had her heart set on these pictures and I couldn’t come.  Well little miss Madison had a different plan.  She came on her own a day early!  The day Madison was born, Sam and I texted back and forth all day.  After Madison was here, Sam was wore out and thought it may be better to do the pictures the next day. That worked out great!  I was pleased that my schedule allowed me to come be with this couple as they welcomed their baby girl to their family.  This is such a special time and I loved every minute of it.2019-07-05_00102019-07-05_00152019-07-05_00162019-07-05_00142019-07-05_00422019-07-05_0039Look at Madison raise her head up!  I can’t believe she is only 1 day old here. 2019-07-05_00402019-07-05_00302019-07-05_00242019-07-05_00292019-07-05_00362019-07-05_00322019-07-05_00372019-07-05_00312019-07-05_00082019-07-05_00132019-07-05_00172019-07-05_00072019-07-05_00012019-07-05_00042019-07-05_00062019-07-05_00052019-07-05_00332019-07-05_00342019-07-05_00352019-07-05_00432019-07-05_00452019-07-05_00492019-07-05_00482019-07-05_00462019-07-05_00442019-07-05_0041Congratulations Sam and Steve on your perfect new addition.   She is absolutely precious and I can’t wait to watch her grow!

All the best!


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