Scarlett Grace| Newborn |Vale, NC A firefighter inspired session

Introducing Scarlett Grace! Isn’t she beautiful?   Her dad, Jason and I work together and months before she was born, he reached out to me about this session.  Jason is a volunteer fire fighter and you can tell just by hearing him speak about it that being a fire fighter is his passion.  He really wanted to do a newborn session with her and his fire gear. It was so hot outside and I felt so bad for him being in that  heavy fire suit!   Jason was dripping sweat but he never complained.  In fact, he said, “this is nothing compared to a fire”.  The day after I took these pictures,  He had been out all night until 4:30 a.m. on a  Search and Rescue mission and then came to work! To Jason and all the firefighter’s out there, I would like to say, ” THANK YOU. Thank you for all your sacrifice and dedication and for all the things that go unnoticed that the community never really knows about.”   I also want to point out the sign Jason is holding.  It’s a custom-made sign with Scarlett’s name and date of birth, weight and time on it made by Madison Hopper at MH Woodburning Designs.  You can find her on Etsy, Instagram or Facebook.  She does some really cute stuff.  You should go check her out.   So here are the images from my first “firefighter inspired” session.  2019-06-03_00452019-06-03_00302019-06-03_00322019-06-03_00272019-06-03_00232019-06-03_0024Look at Scarlett raising up in this picture.  So much for the sleeping baby picture. 2019-06-03_00282019-06-03_00442019-06-03_00522019-06-03_00352019-06-03_00372019-06-03_00392019-06-03_00202019-06-03_00112019-06-03_00152019-06-03_00042019-06-03_00102019-06-03_00332019-06-03_00312019-06-03_0043T2019-06-03_00092019-06-03_0021This picture is one of my favorites.  I love  Jason’s expression and Scarlett looks like an angel!2019-06-03_00052019-06-03_0016I just love her nursery so of course we had to get some shots of it.    Look at that wreath!!  Shannon made it.  She is really into making crafts and she is so talented at it!  2019-06-03_00342019-06-03_0036The custom sign by MH Woodburning will compliment her nursery perfectly.  2019-06-03_0018Shannon also made this afghan that Scarlett is laying on in this picture.  2019-06-03_00192019-06-03_00122019-06-03_00022019-06-03_0051Scarlett Grace you are a perfect baby and I can’t wait to watch you grow!  Jason and Shannon you guys will be great parents to this sweet little one.  Congratulations!


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