Christiannah|A Portrait Session at Lake James

I met Christiannah and her two boys at Lake James for this session.  I work with Christiannah every day but I rarely get to see her boys.  Some things that stand out in my mind from her session is when she pulled up and got out of the car and showed them the outfits they would be wearing, the youngest boy said, “Oh, what bootiful clothes”.   He said it so sweetly and just like that.  Her oldest son blew me away the entire session with his vocabulary and intelligence.  Of course both boys wanted to get in the water right off the bat!! But we somehow managed to hold that off until the very end.   I had so much fun during this session and it really made me miss my own kids being this sweet age.  These brothers are very sweet to each other and started out hugging and ended up wrestling.   The little one just smiles all the time. His little smile is so contagious!  2019-05-22_00052019-05-22_00112019-05-22_00082019-05-22_00152019-05-22_00062019-05-22_00172019-05-22_00192019-05-22_00322019-05-22_00212019-05-22_00332019-05-22_00342019-05-22_00352019-05-22_00362019-05-22_00282019-05-22_00252019-05-22_00302019-05-22_00292019-05-22_00262019-05-22_00232019-05-22_00182019-05-22_00242019-05-22_00142019-05-22_00092019-05-22_00042019-05-22_00022019-05-22_00122019-05-22_00102019-05-22_00132019-05-22_00372019-05-22_00012019-05-22_00072019-05-22_0020The boys finally got to get in the water and could not have been happier.  Christiannah, I had a blast with you and your sweet boys.

All the best!


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