Marshall|6 Months Old|A Backyard Portrait Session

Marshall just turned 6 months old. What a cutie and such a sweet, sweet baby! I was happy to get to do these portraits.  I use to work with Marshall’s grandma (Gabbie) and so I remember when his Daddy (Jackson) was just a kid.  My goodness how time FLIES!!  I was so impressed with Marshall’s mama, Schyler.  She had everything set up and prepared when I got there.  She had made some streamers (by hand) and a letter “M” out of fabric that you will see in some of the images.  This is a very warm, friendly family and Marshall was so good!  Although, he wasn’t sure what to think of the bubbles!  We finished our shoot just as the sky opened up with a downpour of rain.  Our timing was perfect!2019-05-11_00932019-05-11_01082019-05-11_00912019-05-11_00962019-05-11_00952019-05-11_00902019-05-11_01002019-05-11_00772019-05-11_00632019-05-11_01062019-05-11_00672019-05-11_01092019-05-11_0114This is the “M” that Schyler made.  So cute!2019-05-11_01112019-05-11_01022019-05-11_0112This red recliner was Jackson’s when he was a baby and now it’s Marshall’s.  2019-05-11_01102019-05-11_00982019-05-11_01032019-05-11_01042019-05-11_00922019-05-11_0088He is just not sure what to think of the bubbles. 2019-05-11_00872019-05-11_00852019-05-11_00892019-05-11_00832019-05-11_00822019-05-11_00752019-05-11_00762019-05-11_00792019-05-11_00782019-05-11_00702019-05-11_00652019-05-11_00682019-05-11_00742019-05-11_00572019-05-11_0060Those eyes!2019-05-11_00622019-05-11_00582019-05-11_00592019-05-11_00842019-05-11_0061Happy 6 months Marshall!  You are so adorable and I can’t wait to see how you grow!

All the best!


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