It takes a lot of sweet talking and by sweet talking I mean bribery $$ to get this one to let you take his picture.  This is my son, Ben, and let me tell you he drives a hard bargain.   I don’t even care because I hardly have any pictures of him and I have so many of Grace.    These were taken in our back yard and I love them!  He is 11 and growing up so fast!    2019-03-04_00172019-03-04_00192019-03-04_00112019-03-04_00202019-03-04_00092019-03-04_00132019-03-04_00182019-03-04_00212019-03-04_00122019-03-04_00162019-03-04_00082019-03-04_00142019-03-04_00032019-03-04_00102019-03-04_00482019-03-04_00492019-03-04_0004Ben, you drive a hard bargain but these images make it totally worth it.  Thanks for the cooperation.  LOL!

~Laura (Mom)

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