Spring Portraits

Grace and Ben

School is back in session and summer is officially over so  I thought I would share our pictures from our family vacation this year.  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas.    We have been on several cruises before, but I must say this was probably my favorite as far as destinations and excursions. We […]

Chatham Family Vacation| Bahamas 2019

My kids and I had the opportunity to visit the Washington, DC recently with my friend Buffie and her son Mitch.  Her husband and other son were out-of-town and so Buffie and Mitch decided to visit DC for a few days and asked us to tag along.  Michael was not able to go with us […]

Washington, DC |What to do in Washington DC on a budget in 4 days

Introducing Madison Rose!  8lbs ,7oz, 22 inches long at her arrival! Sam reached out to me and said she was being induced in a week and thought she and Steve may like to have hospital pictures or what I like to call the Fresh 48 (pictures taken within the first 48 hours of birth).  Normally, […]

Madison Rose|Fresh 48| Hospital Session

It takes a lot of sweet talking and by sweet talking I mean bribery $$ to get this one to let you take his picture.  This is my son, Ben, and let me tell you he drives a hard bargain.   I don’t even care because I hardly have any pictures of him and I […]


We have two dogs, Max and Skipper but this post is about our dog Max.  He is 13 years old and we adopted him from Friends for animals 10 years ago.  He is such a good boy and has been such a loyal friend to us over the years.  You could say he is a […]


These are my kids.  Grace and Benjamin, but we call him Ben.  Grace is 15 and Ben is 11.  When I was expecting Ben, Grace and I would say our prayers at bedtime and she would always pray for a brother.  Well she got one and they have always been close.  So close that they […]


I have been thinking about this for a while and I have decided to try to focus more on giving my family and close friends more “experiences” versus  physical gifts.  When you receive an experience you are #1 stimulating a part of your brain that makes you feel happy #2 creating a memory that you […]

The Experience

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