We have two dogs, Max and Skipper but this post is about our dog Max.  He is 13 years old and we adopted him from Friends for animals 10 years ago.  He is such a good boy and has been such a loyal friend to us over the years.  You could say he is a gentle giant.  As he is getting older, he is getting really feeble and having a hard time getting up and walking.  We do what we can to help him and one of those things is keeping  the fur trimmed off his feet so he can have better traction on our floors.   Michael and Ben take care of that for me.  Max doesn’t like it one bit but he gets lots of love when it is over.  2019-03-02_00012019-03-02_00032019-03-02_00022019-03-02_00072019-03-02_00042019-03-02_00062019-03-02_00052019-03-02_00092019-03-02_0008

Sweetest dog ever.  Love you Max!


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