Addilyn Turns One| Portrait Session| Catawba Meadows Park Morganton, NC

 I had such fun taking these one year portraits of Addilyn.  You can’t just take a one year old out in the freezing cold this time of year but THANKFULLY we had beautiful weather for our session! Addi is such a sweet little girl and I absolutely love her red hair.  It’s just gorgeous! Not many one year olds can make it through an entire 1 hour portrait session without a meltdown but this little girl was amazing. She never even cried once but, she did need to take a short break for her pacifier (which we camouflaged in several shots so you would never even know)! 2019-02-05_00022019-02-03_00042019-02-03_00082019-02-03_00052019-02-05_00082019-02-05_00042019-02-03_00162019-02-03_00192019-02-03_00062019-02-05_00072019-02-03_00182019-02-03_0017(above)This is the only time she whimpered and needed a pacifier break.  Oh and then her balloon hit the grass and popped.2019-02-03_0002Such a sweet family!2019-02-03_00212019-02-03_00142019-02-03_00152019-02-03_0025Those shoes!  SO CUTE!!2019-02-03_00262019-02-03_00272019-02-03_0024Look at her peeping over her dadddy’s shoulder. 2019-02-03_00222019-02-03_00202019-02-03_00122019-02-05_00032019-02-09_0001

Shawn and Paege, THANK YOU for reaching out to me for this session.  I really enjoyed  working with you all.   Addie is such a precious little girl.  I hope you will enjoy these pictures for years to come.


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