Sydney Burnette|Senior Portraits|Morganton, NC

This beautiful girl isn’t even 20 years old yet and she has 2 degrees!   She just graduated this month from Liberty University after completing Burke Middle College.  One of the joys of graduating in December is the unpredictable weather.  Sydney froze to death during this session but you would never tell it in these pictures.  The wind was ferocious but Sydney hung in there and was such a good sport throughout the entire session.  We started off with a couple of shots of her in her hat and right after we got this shot the wind blew it right off her head!! Tyler,  Sydney’s boyfriend, had to go chasing it for us and put it back together.  You see  Sydney is a total girly girl and she “bedazzled” her hat! Tyler picked up all those little jewels and put them back on the top of her hat.    It was so sweet of him to do that.   2018-12-17_00072018-12-17_00262018-12-17_00232018-12-18_00022018-12-17_00202018-12-17_00272018-12-17_00142018-12-17_00212018-12-17_00112018-12-17_00242018-12-17_00252018-12-17_00172018-12-17_00192018-12-17_0013The “bedazzled” hat after Tyler put it back together. 2018-12-17_00092018-12-17_00102018-12-17_00122018-12-18_00062018-12-17_00082018-12-18_00032018-12-17_00062018-12-18_00012018-12-17_00032018-12-17_0001Sydney, you are a sweet, beautiful girl, inside and out, and I wish you happiness and joy in all that you do!

Best of luck!


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