2018-11-19_0089These are my kids.  Grace and Benjamin, but we call him Ben.  Grace is 15 and Ben is 11.  When I was expecting Ben, Grace and I would say our prayers at bedtime and she would always pray for a brother.  Well she got one and they have always been close.  So close that they would either fight like cats and dogs or be best friends.  No in between. The fighting use to drive me crazy!!! I have to say that as they have gotten older they really don’t fight much any more.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Grace is such a mother hen to her brother and really does look out for him.  I am so proud of her for doing that.  Ben will soon outgrow her and I hope he will do the same for her.  These two are my heart.2018-11-19_01012018-11-19_00992018-11-19_00942018-11-19_00962018-11-19_00952018-11-19_00982018-11-19_00972018-11-19_00912018-11-19_0090We were able to get one with Michael in the picture too.  2018-11-19_00862018-11-19_00872018-11-19_00932018-11-19_00922018-11-19_0085I know it won’t always be perfect but I hope they always stay close.  Family is everything.


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