The Flynt Family| Apple Orchard Fun

Ryan and Casey have made a tradition of going to the Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton, NC every year with their two little boys. This year , that tradition included Ryan’s parents and his sister.   I tagged along with them to capture some portraits at this place they love so much.     This year the memories were:  seeing how much the boys had grown from the sign when you first go in, bright sunshine, wet grass leaving our feet damp and a little bit icky ( you may even notice some bare feet in a few of these pics), gnats that got in our eyes (but made Ryan laugh at the little one swatting them), beautiful sweet smelling apples, parents and grandparents willing to do anything to get a good picture (even letting kids stand on their feet!) and apple doughnuts for the trip home.  All in all,  a pretty good day at the orchard.  2019-09-27_00172019-09-27_00322019-09-27_00262019-09-27_00332019-09-27_00272019-09-27_00302019-09-27_00252019-09-27_00242019-09-27_00222019-09-27_00292019-09-27_00282019-09-27_00232019-09-27_00142019-09-27_00152019-09-27_00162019-09-27_00212019-09-27_00132019-09-24_00012019-09-27_00102019-09-27_00092019-09-27_00182019-09-27_00122019-09-27_00062019-09-27_00052019-09-27_00072019-09-27_00082019-09-24_00032019-09-27_00032019-09-27_00112019-09-27_0004

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