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As you may know, I have a full time career in banking and Photography is my passion (side gig).  I work with Angie at my day job.  She has the best personality and is so much fun.  Everybody loves her!  She asked me to do some family pictures for them, months in advance because her son(Matt),daughter in law(Ann Marie) and grandaughter(Madison) were coming in to visit from Colorado the week of Labor Day.  Of course I was happy to!  Angie misses them terribly and I get to hear all the cute stories of Madison . She will tell you that she is from Evergreen, Colorado!  She is just so cute!  It worked out that the whole family got together for some family portraits. Angie’s Dad(Cliff), husband (Roger), daughter (Lindsey), son (Matt), daughter in law (Ann Marie) and grandaughter (Madison).   The second location was on top of a mountain with a beautiful view.  It made me think of the Sound of Music!  Angie is such a fun grandma who gets on the ground and plays with Madison.  They are just so fun together. Check out their session!


2019-09-18_0045Ann Marie, Matt, Linsey, Roger, Madison, Angie and Cliff.(in order from left to right)2019-09-18_0043Angie’s grandaughter and Angie Father.  2019-09-18_00512019-09-18_00552019-09-18_00522019-09-18_00492019-09-18_0035Madison loves her twirly dress.  She only had 3 outfit changes for our session!  LOL!2019-09-18_00472019-09-18_00482019-09-18_0046Angie’s daughter, grandaughter and Angie’s Dad.  2019-09-18_0016I just love this picture!  This family has so much joy. 2019-09-18_00542019-09-18_00252019-09-18_00322019-09-18_00372019-09-18_00442019-09-18_00362019-09-18_00412019-09-18_00502019-09-18_0034Mama’s and their daughter’s.  Angie’s daughter in law and grandaughter on the left and Angie and her daughter on the right. 2019-09-18_00392019-09-18_00312019-09-18_00212019-09-18_00182019-09-18_00192019-09-18_00202019-09-18_00142019-09-18_00222019-09-18_00152019-09-18_00172019-09-18_00052019-09-18_00032019-09-18_00082019-09-18_00122019-09-18_00042019-09-18_00022019-09-18_00012019-09-18_00062019-09-18_00292019-09-18_00072019-09-18_00302019-09-18_0013

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