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So… Jessie and my daughter, Grace, met in 6th grade in middle school and became friends.  I remember Jessie’s mom, Melanie, calling to invite Grace to Jessie’s birthday party.  In talking, we figured out that I knew Melanie’s sister, Shanda. I used to work with Shanda at a day care when I was 18! I remember when she and Russ started dating.   Shanda married Russ and now they have two beautiful daughters, Lillie and Caroline. Ok,  I know that was a lot of information… and I promise I am going somewhere with this so, bear with me.  Melanie contacted me a few months ago wanting to do a portrait session of Jessie.  She also wanted to bring Shanda’s family along to do some pictures of all 3 girls together.  They wanted to re-create a picture of the girls from years ago.  A picture of all 3 cousins in a tree.(shown below)


This is the photo we were trying to re create. From Left to Right: Lillie, Caroline, Jessie.

 2018-11-19_0121This is Jessie.  So pretty. 2018-11-19_01242018-11-19_01222018-11-19_01262018-11-19_01232018-11-19_01252018-11-19_0120Jessie and her beautiful mom, Melanie. 2018-11-19_0117Lillie, Jessie and Caroline. (Cousins)2018-11-19_0119Here are some of the shots we took trying to re-create the image they had.2018-11-19_01182018-11-23_0001.jpg2018-11-19_0116Caroline and Lillie.  Two beautiful sisters.2018-11-19_01152018-11-19_01142018-11-19_0110We had to get some family shots!  From Left to Right.  Caroline, Shanda, Russ and Lillie.  2018-11-19_0109Lillie now.  So beautiful!2018-11-19_01062018-11-19_01082018-11-19_01072018-11-19_01052018-11-19_0104Caroline.  So pretty!  2018-11-19_0103Shanda, Melanie,Lillie, Jessie and Caroline, all you girls are all so beautiful!  I hope you stay close for years to come.


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