Sydney Kuczenski|Senior Portrait Session| Hickory, NC

I had the pleasure of doing Sydney’s Senior Cap and Gown Session this past weekend.   Sydney is a senior in high school and will be graduating from the NC School of Math in Science in Durham this year.  For those of you who don’t know how that works, she lives at school during the school year while her family lives in Lincolnton, NC.    Her mom and I decided to do her session at Lenoir Rhyne University while Sydney was home visiting her family during Thanksgiving.   We were on a tight schedule cause Sydney had to catch her bus back to Durham, but she made it! Whew!  Sydney’s hobbies include running and playing saxophone.  I asked her mom if she wanted a picture of Sydney in her running shoes and she said, “No.  I see her in those all the time.  I am enjoying seeing her dressed up and in heels!”  Well mom, I think she cleans up nice!!    She is a beautiful girl inside and out.  2018-11-27_00252018-11-27_00342018-11-27_00152018-11-27_00282018-11-27_00202018-11-27_00232018-11-27_00142018-11-27_00242018-11-27_00332018-11-27_00192018-11-27_00312018-11-27_00322018-11-27_00272018-11-27_00132018-11-27_00222018-11-27_00262018-11-27_00182018-11-27_00212018-11-27_00092018-11-27_00172018-11-27_00112018-11-27_00122018-11-27_00162018-11-27_00102018-11-27_00082018-11-27_00072018-11-27_00062018-11-27_00042018-11-27_00032018-11-27_00022018-11-27_00012018-11-27_0005Best of Luck Sydney! Your future looks bright!


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