Abigail Rose Turns 2|A backyard portrait Session

This little cutie just turned two!  This is Abigail ” Abby” and she has so much personality and spunk!  Abby is the “baby ” and has 3 older siblings so needless to say she has everyone wrapped around her little finger!  This was Abby’s birthday session/family session.  One thing I noticed very quickly was how the older siblings were so sweet and helpful. We did the family pics first and Abby was the star!  Her brothers and sister had her smiling so pretty and she did great!  However, when it was time to do her birthday pictures alone,  Abby wasn’t feeling it at all and she was ready to go home!  At some point I found out that Abby loves dogs.  We were able to talk her into going to my house to meet my dog Skipper and finish her session there.   So if you see my dog in these pictures, that is why ! Haha!  Hey it did the trick because they turned out so cute! 2019-07-19_00162019-07-19_00192019-07-19_00262019-07-19_00142019-07-19_00252019-07-19_00302019-07-19_00222019-07-19_00342019-07-19_00232019-07-19_00292019-07-19_00282019-07-19_00202019-07-19_00172019-07-19_00242019-07-19_00272019-07-19_00212019-07-19_0015Happy Birthday Abby!  You are one sweet girl!




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