Jenni Tuck |A Birthday Surprise

Jason gets “Husband of the Year”!  He surprised his wife, Jenni, with a photo session for her birthday. (What girl /woman wouldn’t love that??  As long as she has her hair and makeup on, right? )  This was such at thoughtful idea,  and talk about a gift that keep on giving!  Jenni, will have this gift for years to come . Jason contacted me and said he wanted to get Jenni a session with her and her cousin/best friend, Brittany .   Jenni and Brittany grew up together in New Jersey, but Brittany now lives in Arizona.  This was such a treat for them to get pictures made together.  Jenni and Brittany have so much fun together and their joy is contagious!  I am not even going to tell you what Brittany did to make her daughter, Piper, laugh in the pictures by herself ! Let’s just say she had us all rolling with laughter!  I couldn’t BELIEVE what she did! LOL.  Jenni is also a very cheerful,  joyful person so I can see why they get along so well.  I just love them both.

Jenni, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family!  Jason, you have raised the bar for all the other husbands out there!  I am telling you,  I am super impressed!  2019-07-19_02172019-07-19_02192019-07-19_00442019-07-19_00622019-07-19_01022019-07-19_00902019-07-19_00892019-07-19_00412019-07-19_00492019-07-19_00422019-07-19_00382019-07-19_00912019-07-19_00952019-07-19_00932019-07-19_00672019-07-19_00462019-07-19_00652019-07-19_00562019-07-19_00482019-07-19_00432019-07-19_0035Just a mom and her girl! 2019-07-19_00612019-07-19_00592019-07-19_00802019-07-19_00732019-07-19_0085I love this family!  2019-07-19_00832019-07-19_00882019-07-19_00962019-07-19_00752019-07-19_00762019-07-19_00792019-07-19_0084These days Elena is on the go so you better be quick! 2019-07-19_00712019-07-19_0077This is the picture when Brittany… you know did that “thing” to make Piper laugh!. 2019-07-19_00872019-07-19_00972019-07-19_00822019-07-19_0092Elena has our hearts!  She is one precious two year old.  2019-07-19_00812019-07-19_00632019-07-19_00582019-07-19_00572019-07-19_00472019-07-19_00532019-07-19_00552019-07-19_00542019-07-19_00452019-07-19_00522019-07-19_00722019-07-19_00742019-07-19_0051

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