Zach and Lindsay

A traditional ceremony at First Baptist Church of Hickory, NC

Lindsay has been planning her wedding for months and months and then COVID-19 hit and so many of those plans had to change. The couple decided to have a small intimate wedding with just the minister, their parents, siblings and wedding party. Other guests were invited to join the ceremony through Zoom. They will have their reception in August at Warehouse 18 venue.

Everything about this wedding felt like a normal wedding day EXCEPT that after the ceremony we weren’t rushed to get to the reception. We had plenty of time to walk downtown with the couple & wedding party and just relax and have fun! This type of wedding may have spoiled me!

One thing that really sticks out in my mind is how sweet Zach is with Lindsay. He carried her train, her shoes and even her bouquet for her at one point in the evening. He really is such a gentlemen. I also quickly noticed how close all the bridesmaids are to each other and how supportive they are to Lindsay. The are a really tight group of girls. Lindsay’s two brothers were groomsmen and they look a lot alike. I mixed up their names the entire day but they were such good sports about it.

After the ceremony and we walked downtown to an alley way to take some pictures of the bridal party and we noticed a a woman sitting in her car and she watched us the whole time. She later rolled down her window as she was leaving and started clapping for the couple and said that was the most fun she has had in months and was just so glad she got to watch them. SO SWEET!

People drove by and honked and cheered like crazy as we were out taking pictures and it reminded me how people are craving normal, happy things like weddings. I was especially happy to be part of this day!

Congratulations Zach and Lindsay!

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  1. Stefanie Kye Robbins says:

    Laura, you are fabulous! Just a joy to be around and such a pleasure to have as part of this special day for us. Thank you for creating incredible memories of my precious daughter and her perfect wedding.
    ~Stefanie R.

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