Willie & Mallory

Willie and Mallory have been dating almost 3 years but they planned their wedding in 3 weeks!  They decided to get married over Christmas vacation for a couple reasons.   Willie is a soldier in the Army and will be deployed in 2020. Mallory is from a large family (she is one of 8 kids) and it was important to her for her family to be together for her wedding. Not an easy task for a family that size but doable over the Holidays.   Willie and Mallory planned their wedding in just a few short weeks and it was so lovely.  I was so impressed with how laid back and relaxed they both were even though the had every reason to be stressed.   I can’t say enough sweet things about this couple and the Godly witness and character they both demonstrate.  I also felt so welcomed by their families and that meant so much to me.   Take a look at their special evening held at Warehouse 18 Venues in Hickory, NC.2019-12-27_00822019-12-27_0079Mallory and her mom.  2019-12-27_0075Mallory and Willie’s little girl, Chloe. 2019-12-27_00462019-12-27_0044Mallory and her sister Hannah.  2019-12-27_00382019-12-27_0069Mallory and her bridesmaids.  Pictured left are her friends and pictured right are her sister, Willie’s sister, and Mallory’s youngest sister.  2019-12-27_00362019-12-27_00782019-12-27_00682019-12-27_00342019-12-27_00762019-12-27_00372019-12-27_0033Praying with Mallory before the ceremony. 2019-12-27_0040Pictured on the right is Willie, his dad Bill and son Will. 2019-12-27_00472019-12-27_00432019-12-27_01512019-12-27_00562019-12-27_00602019-12-27_00612019-12-27_00592019-12-27_00642019-12-27_00632019-12-27_00582019-12-27_00302019-12-27_01562019-12-27_00292019-12-27_0027Willie’s children, Chloe and Will. So cute! 2019-12-27_00282019-12-27_00252019-12-27_0071Mallory’s Dad walks her down the aisle.2019-12-27_00112019-12-27_00092019-12-27_00072019-12-27_00732019-12-27_00742019-12-27_00722019-12-27_01542019-12-27_0005The first kiss!  Look at little Will covering his eyes! LOL!2019-12-27_00232019-12-27_00802019-12-27_0015Father Daughter dance.2019-12-27_00572019-12-27_00172019-12-27_0052Reception fun!2019-12-27_00192019-12-27_01552019-12-27_0153Me and the happy couple!2019-12-27_00532019-12-27_00132019-12-27_00542019-12-27_00122019-12-27_00042019-12-27_00202019-12-27_01182019-12-27_0055Willie and his grandmother share a dance. 2019-12-27_00012019-12-27_0065Willie’s vows to Mallory.2019-12-27_00032019-12-27_01172019-12-27_01012019-12-27_00992019-12-27_01062019-12-27_01042019-12-27_00872019-12-27_00972019-12-27_00912019-12-27_00932019-12-27_01122019-12-27_00952019-12-27_01102019-12-27_01092019-12-27_01082019-12-27_00962019-12-27_0113Christmas weddings can be a bit chilly.  It was so cold but Mallory had such a sweet attitiude and hung in there even though she was freezing cold and her shoes were open toed heels.  In hind sight maybe she could have worn socks and boots and no one would have noticed.  Haha!   Photography was a high priority for Mallory and Willie and they planned their wedding with photography in mind.  They allowed plenty of time for portraits in their timeline.    2019-12-27_00982019-12-27_01142019-12-27_00942019-12-27_00852019-12-27_00922019-12-27_00832019-12-27_00882019-12-27_00902019-12-27_00862019-12-27_00842019-12-27_01272019-12-27_01292019-12-27_01442019-12-27_01452019-12-27_01242019-12-27_01252019-12-27_0137Willie, Mallory and the kiddos.  Chloe and Will.2019-12-27_01352019-12-27_01362019-12-27_0131Such a sweet, sweet girl and a proud Daddy.  2019-12-27_0132Will’s feet were hurting in his new boots.  But he was awesome and gave us some smiles.  I still owe him a kit kat for that! 2019-12-27_01332019-12-27_01402019-12-27_0122Mallory’s family (from out of town) were all able to make it for her wedding. 2019-12-27_0121Mallory’s siblings.  (two are married and their spouses)2019-12-27_0119Mallory and her grandmother2019-12-27_0149(Pictured Left) Mallory’s sister Hannah and her husband Josh that introduced Willie to Mallory and their little boy.  (Pictured Right) Mallory and her two sisters.   2019-12-27_01462019-12-27_0148The girls with their Mom, Shannon.   Such a sweet, sweet woman and Mom of 8!  I LOVED meeting her .2019-12-27_0147Josh is married to Mallory’s sister ,Hannah.   Josh and Willie were in the Army together. Hannah introduced Willie and Mallory and the rest is history.  Thank you Hannah! 2019-12-27_0120This is Mallory, her sisters and sister in laws.  2019-12-27_0150Warehouse 18 Venues2019-12-27_01522019-12-27_01112019-12-27_0143Willie and Mallory, I wish you many many happy years in your new life together.   You  are both perfect for each other!

All the best!



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