Three Year Old Portraits | Jensen| Morganton, NC

A Portrait Session with a Waterfall and Antique Car

What do you get when you have an antique fire truck and a waterfall for a photo session?  One happy little boy!  Meet Jensen,  he just turned three.  I am friends with his Mimi.  Actually, if I am being truthful, we went to high school together, so yeah , Ashley and I have been friends for a long time…  When I was thinking about where to take his portraits I remembered this location and thought, what little boy wouldn’t love to play in a creek?  Then I thought,  I may bring this antique fire truck too.  Wouldn’t that be cute?! It has been sitting in my garage and it belongs to my mom.  It was hers when she was a little girl, so it is over 65 years old. (Sorry Mom, if you are reading this,  I just gave away your age).  It was rusty and in need of some “glamorization “so she sent it to my house as a project for my son, Ben, to fix up. It is still a work in progress.

So when I first met Jenson,  I immediately broke out the fire truck and we have been friends ever since!  I’m telling you,  he was a very agreeable, easy going little guy! If I asked him to do something, he would just answer, “ye-ah” (two syllables in the sweetest little voice).   Typical boy though. He just wanted to play with the sticks in the gravel and then when we moved to the creek, throw rocks in the water.   It was so much fun watching him be a little boy and play. It really is the simple things in life that make you the happiest.   Check out his portraits.2019-04-29_00312019-04-29_0019Found himself a stick to play with.2019-04-29_00332019-04-29_00392019-04-29_00012019-04-29_00172019-04-29_00142019-04-29_0009He was showing me his muscles.2019-04-29_0016And, another stick!2019-04-29_0023And Rocks…2019-04-29_00302019-04-29_00102019-04-29_00362019-04-29_00492019-04-29_0026Another stick..2019-04-29_00552019-04-29_00082019-04-29_00322019-04-29_00202019-04-29_00452019-04-29_00542019-04-29_00212019-04-29_0011

Jensen, You are just the cutest.  I hope you love being three!  So far you are “rockin” it!

All the best!



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