The Bains|Fall Family Portrait| Morganton, NC

Meet Jimmy, Lisa and their baby Eli.  They are just the sweetest family!  At the beginning of our session we couldn’t quite tell what Eli was wanting.  It didn’t take long to find out he wanted to play in the grass. Typical boy even at 9 months old!   So of course, we let him just play in the grass for a while.  He even tried to eat it!  Hey, whatever it takes to get a good picture right?  Just kidding!  (We didn’t let him actually eat the grass.)  Jimmy and Lisa are such great parents to little Eli and they are just genuinely nice, kind people.  I really enjoyed our portrait session together.  I think Jimmy is always happy and smiling, which makes him like the easiest guy to photograph .  Thanks Jimmy! Lisa has such a sweet and gentle disposition and so easy to work with. She is just stunning in these images.  Needless to say, these two were naturals in front of the camera. 2018-10-29_01362018-10-29_0137Eli, content just playing in the grass!2018-10-29_01292018-10-29_01352018-10-29_0139Giving his daddy a kiss!!                                                      Look at those two teeth!!2018-10-29_01312018-10-29_01302018-10-29_0133Oh no!!!2018-10-29_0132Whew!  Mama knows all the right tricks to get this boy smiling again!  This one above just cracks me up!2018-10-29_01542018-10-29_01422018-10-29_01862018-10-29_01882018-10-29_0185Daddy knows how to make him smile!2018-10-29_01552018-10-29_01592018-10-29_01562018-10-29_01512018-10-29_01432018-10-29_01442018-10-29_01752018-10-29_0147(above) My favorite image of Eli!  Love love love this one!2018-10-29_0178Could he be any sweeter?2018-10-29_01412018-10-29_01712018-10-29_01482018-10-29_01502018-10-29_01582018-10-29_0164Lisa ,you are gorgeous!!!2018-10-29_01572018-10-29_01652018-10-29_01692018-10-29_01702018-10-29_01682018-10-29_01732018-10-29_01662018-10-29_01792018-10-29_0180I just love this sweet family!2018-10-29_01842018-10-29_0176(above) This is one of my favorites from the day.2018-10-29_01832018-10-29_01742018-10-29_01722018-10-29_01622018-10-29_01602018-10-29_0149Jimmy and Lisa’s family isn’t complete without their two dogs (who by the way are so funny and cute).  They waited patiently in the car for their pictures.  When they came running from the car it scared Eli!  Bless his little heart! (below)2018-10-29_01402018-10-29_0145I enjoyed capturing these images that I hope you will treasure for years to come.  You guys were amazing!  I love your sweet family!


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