The Aldredge Family|Morganton, NC

James and Rita are precious people!  I have known them for a long time and I always look forward to seeing them!  Rita and I could talk for hours and I actually think we have before! They had their daughter, son-in-law and two sets of  grandchildren in to visit last week and so Rita really wanted to get some family pictures.  The forecast was calling for rain and we managed to capture these images in between showers.  We had to move quickly but everyone pitched in and we got the job done and had a little fun all the while!  We had some photo bombing, some flower picking and even a little competitive racing!   Check out their session! 2019-08-07_01322019-08-07_0136James, Rita and all the grandkids. 2019-08-07_01372019-08-07_01062019-08-07_01272019-08-07_00842019-08-07_01042019-08-07_01342019-08-07_01302019-08-07_01392019-08-07_01102019-08-07_01202019-08-07_01382019-08-07_01122019-08-07_01052019-08-07_01022019-08-07_01112019-08-07_01312019-08-07_01402019-08-07_01222019-08-07_0123This is a very playful family and I thought they were so much fun!2019-08-07_01412019-08-07_00942019-08-07_01242019-08-07_01282019-08-07_01292019-08-07_01092019-08-07_01422019-08-07_01012019-08-07_01252019-08-07_00862019-08-07_01192019-08-07_00792019-08-07_01162019-08-07_01142019-08-07_01072019-08-07_01032019-08-07_00962019-08-07_00922019-08-07_00952019-08-07_01002019-08-07_00982019-08-07_00992019-08-07_00752019-08-07_00832019-08-07_00772019-08-07_00682019-08-07_00632019-08-07_00532019-08-07_00892019-08-07_00902019-08-07_00872019-08-07_00782019-08-07_00672019-08-07_00512019-08-07_00502019-08-07_00802019-08-07_00822019-08-07_00742019-08-07_00712019-08-07_00662019-08-07_00652019-08-07_00722019-08-07_00812019-08-07_00702019-08-07_00882019-08-07_00732019-08-07_00592019-08-07_0062I love being around families that can laugh together and this was one of those familes!  Ya’ll were a blast!

All the best!


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