Nash Turns Three|McGalliard Falls|Valdese, NC

I think Hayley may be a supermom!  Not only did she look amazing for this session and had her family looking great, she wore the cutest wedge shoes AND she walked up and down the steepest dirt and gravel hill in them and never complained.  NOT ONCE!  I was super impressed with her!

Hayley had reached out to me wanting some updated family pics for Nash’s upcoming birthday.  He turns 3 today and he is so cute!  I love his hair!  I mean look at these curls!  This family was so sweet to work with even in 90+ degree heat!  You guys were great! Check out their family session at McGalliard Falls.2019-08-15_00262019-08-15_00392019-08-15_00342019-08-15_00312019-08-15_00042019-08-15_00232019-08-15_00362019-08-15_00292019-08-15_00332019-08-15_00092019-08-15_00202019-08-15_00032019-08-15_00422019-08-15_00142019-08-15_00252019-08-15_00192019-08-15_00302019-08-15_00082019-08-15_00112019-08-15_00372019-08-15_00352019-08-15_00412019-08-15_00182019-08-15_00172019-08-15_0038He was dying to throw a rock or two so we just had to let him! Don’t worry, no one was round to hit! Nash is ALL BOY! 2019-08-15_00242019-08-15_00402019-08-15_00012019-08-15_0027His hair!  I love his hair!  Isn’t he adorable?2019-08-15_0016


Derrick and Amanda|Maternity Session| McGalliard Falls, Valdese

Amanda and Derrick are expecting their second child, a baby girl named Ava.  Ava will be loved so much by her parents and her big brother, Isaiah! Isaiah is usually all smiles and so funny but he was very serious and curious about my camera during our session.  I still love the images of him.  He has the most beautiful eyes!!!    Amanda is Michael’s cousin, so we are very excited to welcome this little girl to our family.  Amanda was a flower girl in our wedding 21 years ago and soon she will be a mom of two!  She is beautiful inside and out, easy going, patient and kind.  I just love her so much! We did her session at McGalliard Falls in Valdese. Check it out:2019-08-17_00532019-08-17_00212019-08-17_00372019-08-17_00202019-08-17_00482019-08-17_00352019-08-17_00342019-08-17_00312019-08-17_00492019-08-17_00272019-08-17_00252019-08-17_00432019-08-17_00582019-08-17_00242019-08-17_00192019-08-17_00182019-08-17_0017

2019-08-17_00302019-08-17_00382019-08-17_0041Amanda and Derrick, I am so proud of you guys and know that you will raise your kids in a loving, christian home.   We can’t wait to welcome Ava to the family!

All the best!