Easton|Newborn Session

I AM IN LOVE!! Amy and Phillip just welcomed their newest little bundle of joy to their family! Easton Levi!  He is the sweetest little cuddle bug!  This is the first newborn session I have done so far without a heater!  I find that the heater usually puts most babies right to sleep.  Not this  little guy.  It mad him mad!  He was so hot natured.  (I can’t say I blame him, I don’t like to be hot when I sleep either!)  He is just a dream and I am so happy for this family! 2019-10-12_00992019-10-12_0103Look at those toes!  I think this may be my favorite image from their session! I just love his toes and how he spreads them!!2019-10-12_00982019-10-12_01042019-10-12_01002019-10-12_00722019-10-12_01012019-10-12_0097Big sister Kaylee is going to spoil him rotten!2019-10-12_01022019-10-12_00962019-10-12_00952019-10-12_00892019-10-12_00862019-10-12_00882019-10-12_00822019-10-12_00802019-10-12_00742019-10-12_00902019-10-12_00872019-10-12_00582019-10-12_00782019-10-12_00922019-10-12_00772019-10-12_00852019-10-12_00812019-10-12_00692019-10-12_00842019-10-12_00762019-10-12_00912019-10-12_01052019-10-12_00662019-10-12_00712019-10-12_00602019-10-12_00592019-10-12_00632019-10-12_00672019-10-12_0061Easton,  you are so loved and special and I am sure your mom would agree, totally worth the 22 hours of labor!

All the best!



Introducing Miss Charley Jean| Newborn Session| Hickory, NC

I was thrilled to get to do this newborn session for a friend of mine, Lauren.  If you follow my blog, you will remember a little over a month ago, I did Josh and Lauren’s maternity session.  I would like to introduce Charley Jean.  She is named after two of her grandmothers.  I just love her name.  It sounds so southern to me.

Let me share a story.  Josh’s grandmother passed away last year, but before she did, she knitted two blankets for Josh and Lauren.  One pink and one blue. Lauren wasn’t even pregnant when she gave the blankets to them.  Now that she is gone, these blankets are treasures to Josh and Lauren and it is something that they will pass down to Charley Jean one day for her children.  That is just so special to them both so you will see some images of those blankets throughout this session.

Charley was so perfect for this session.  I could not have asked for a better baby or parents that just dove right in and helped me with anything I asked them to do or needed.  I always have fun around these two!


2019-09-01_00042019-09-01_00012019-09-01_0093This was actually Lauren’s blanket when she was a baby!

2019-09-01_00092019-09-01_00672019-09-01_00642019-09-01_00072019-09-01_00582019-09-01_00552019-09-01_00512019-09-01_00792019-09-01_00782019-09-01_00522019-09-01_00172019-09-01_00542019-09-01_00252019-09-01_00722019-09-01_00372019-09-01_00872019-09-01_00472019-09-01_00622019-09-01_00182019-09-01_00902019-09-01_00762019-09-01_00572019-09-01_00652019-09-01_00562019-09-01_00592019-09-01_00842019-09-01_00732019-09-01_00832019-09-01_00942019-09-01_00892019-09-01_00862019-09-01_0011These are the blankets (one pink, one blue)that Josh’s Grandmother made before she passed away.2019-09-01_00302019-09-01_00922019-09-01_00052019-09-01_00272019-09-01_00102019-09-01_00132019-09-01_00322019-09-01_00912019-09-01_00282019-09-01_00612019-09-01_00382019-09-01_00742019-09-01_00702019-09-01_00662019-09-01_00752019-09-01_00122019-09-01_00822019-09-01_00812019-09-01_00802019-09-01_00432019-09-01_00852019-09-01_00312019-09-01_00292019-09-01_00202019-09-01_00492019-09-01_00352019-09-01_00392019-09-01_00342019-09-01_00332019-09-01_00152019-09-01_00232019-09-01_00222019-09-01_00212019-09-01_0003