Introducing Miss Charley Jean| Newborn Session| Hickory, NC

I was thrilled to get to do this newborn session for a friend of mine, Lauren.  If you follow my blog, you will remember a little over a month ago, I did Josh and Lauren’s maternity session.  I would like to introduce Charley Jean.  She is named after two of her grandmothers.  I just love her name.  It sounds so southern to me.

Let me share a story.  Josh’s grandmother passed away last year, but before she did, she knitted two blankets for Josh and Lauren.  One pink and one blue. Lauren wasn’t even pregnant when she gave the blankets to them.  Now that she is gone, these blankets are treasures to Josh and Lauren and it is something that they will pass down to Charley Jean one day for her children.  That is just so special to them both so you will see some images of those blankets throughout this session.

Charley was so perfect for this session.  I could not have asked for a better baby or parents that just dove right in and helped me with anything I asked them to do or needed.  I always have fun around these two!


2019-09-01_00042019-09-01_00012019-09-01_0093This was actually Lauren’s blanket when she was a baby!

2019-09-01_00092019-09-01_00672019-09-01_00642019-09-01_00072019-09-01_00582019-09-01_00552019-09-01_00512019-09-01_00792019-09-01_00782019-09-01_00522019-09-01_00172019-09-01_00542019-09-01_00252019-09-01_00722019-09-01_00372019-09-01_00872019-09-01_00472019-09-01_00622019-09-01_00182019-09-01_00902019-09-01_00762019-09-01_00572019-09-01_00652019-09-01_00562019-09-01_00592019-09-01_00842019-09-01_00732019-09-01_00832019-09-01_00942019-09-01_00892019-09-01_00862019-09-01_0011These are the blankets (one pink, one blue)that Josh’s Grandmother made before she passed away.2019-09-01_00302019-09-01_00922019-09-01_00052019-09-01_00272019-09-01_00102019-09-01_00132019-09-01_00322019-09-01_00912019-09-01_00282019-09-01_00612019-09-01_00382019-09-01_00742019-09-01_00702019-09-01_00662019-09-01_00752019-09-01_00122019-09-01_00822019-09-01_00812019-09-01_00802019-09-01_00432019-09-01_00852019-09-01_00312019-09-01_00292019-09-01_00202019-09-01_00492019-09-01_00352019-09-01_00392019-09-01_00342019-09-01_00332019-09-01_00152019-09-01_00232019-09-01_00222019-09-01_00212019-09-01_0003


Nash Turns Three|McGalliard Falls|Valdese, NC

I think Hayley may be a supermom!  Not only did she look amazing for this session and had her family looking great, she wore the cutest wedge shoes AND she walked up and down the steepest dirt and gravel hill in them and never complained.  NOT ONCE!  I was super impressed with her!

Hayley had reached out to me wanting some updated family pics for Nash’s upcoming birthday.  He turns 3 today and he is so cute!  I love his hair!  I mean look at these curls!  This family was so sweet to work with even in 90+ degree heat!  You guys were great! Check out their family session at McGalliard Falls.2019-08-15_00262019-08-15_00392019-08-15_00342019-08-15_00312019-08-15_00042019-08-15_00232019-08-15_00362019-08-15_00292019-08-15_00332019-08-15_00092019-08-15_00202019-08-15_00032019-08-15_00422019-08-15_00142019-08-15_00252019-08-15_00192019-08-15_00302019-08-15_00082019-08-15_00112019-08-15_00372019-08-15_00352019-08-15_00412019-08-15_00182019-08-15_00172019-08-15_0038He was dying to throw a rock or two so we just had to let him! Don’t worry, no one was round to hit! Nash is ALL BOY! 2019-08-15_00242019-08-15_00402019-08-15_00012019-08-15_0027His hair!  I love his hair!  Isn’t he adorable?2019-08-15_0016


Marshall|9 Month Portrait Session

Marshall just turned 9 months old!  When his mom reached out to me for these pics, I was like , “Didn’t we just do his 6 month session, like 2 weeks ago?”  Time sure does fly by!   To all the mom’s (and dad’s) out there of young children, bless you!  Nine months old’s are a lot of work.  They are pulling up, constantly crawling (almost walking ) and exploring, opening cabinets, etc.  I’m tired just typing this!  It’s been a long time since my kids were this little and you just forget what all you have to do to keep these little ones alive and happy!  So for all you exhausted mom’s and dad’s out there, I remember how you feel but just know each phase is different and I promise you will eventually get some rest!

Marshall is pulling up and standing on his own.  Crawling super fast!  He likes to “mow” on his little tractor, play with tractors and cars and I think his favorite thing is to open and close cabinets.  He is absolutely adorable and while he is on the go these days, he is still such a happy, precious and cuddly baby.

Check out his 9 month old session.  2019-08-10_00752019-08-10_00572019-08-10_00502019-08-10_00592019-08-10_00492019-08-10_01122019-08-10_00582019-08-10_00952019-08-10_01142019-08-10_00862019-08-10_00702019-08-10_00832019-08-10_00822019-08-10_01102019-08-13_00012019-08-10_00542019-08-10_00462019-08-10_00512019-08-10_01112019-08-10_00632019-08-10_00522019-08-10_00682019-08-10_00532019-08-10_00472019-08-10_00622019-08-10_00612019-08-10_00652019-08-10_00742019-08-10_00882019-08-10_01012019-08-10_01022019-08-10_00902019-08-10_01062019-08-10_00932019-08-10_00992019-08-10_00562019-08-10_00672019-08-10_00422019-08-10_00662019-08-10_00692019-08-10_00732019-08-10_00792019-08-10_00892019-08-10_00922019-08-10_00962019-08-10_00942019-08-10_01032019-08-10_0105


Jenni Tuck |A Birthday Surprise

Jason gets “Husband of the Year”!  He surprised his wife, Jenni, with a photo session for her birthday. (What girl /woman wouldn’t love that??  As long as she has her hair and makeup on, right? )  This was such at thoughtful idea,  and talk about a gift that keep on giving!  Jenni, will have this gift for years to come . Jason contacted me and said he wanted to get Jenni a session with her and her cousin/best friend, Brittany .   Jenni and Brittany grew up together in New Jersey, but Brittany now lives in Arizona.  This was such a treat for them to get pictures made together.  Jenni and Brittany have so much fun together and their joy is contagious!  I am not even going to tell you what Brittany did to make her daughter, Piper, laugh in the pictures by herself ! Let’s just say she had us all rolling with laughter!  I couldn’t BELIEVE what she did! LOL.  Jenni is also a very cheerful,  joyful person so I can see why they get along so well.  I just love them both.

Jenni, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family!  Jason, you have raised the bar for all the other husbands out there!  I am telling you,  I am super impressed!  2019-07-19_02172019-07-19_02192019-07-19_00442019-07-19_00622019-07-19_01022019-07-19_00902019-07-19_00892019-07-19_00412019-07-19_00492019-07-19_00422019-07-19_00382019-07-19_00912019-07-19_00952019-07-19_00932019-07-19_00672019-07-19_00462019-07-19_00652019-07-19_00562019-07-19_00482019-07-19_00432019-07-19_0035Just a mom and her girl! 2019-07-19_00612019-07-19_00592019-07-19_00802019-07-19_00732019-07-19_0085I love this family!  2019-07-19_00832019-07-19_00882019-07-19_00962019-07-19_00752019-07-19_00762019-07-19_00792019-07-19_0084These days Elena is on the go so you better be quick! 2019-07-19_00712019-07-19_0077This is the picture when Brittany… you know did that “thing” to make Piper laugh!. 2019-07-19_00872019-07-19_00972019-07-19_00822019-07-19_0092Elena has our hearts!  She is one precious two year old.  2019-07-19_00812019-07-19_00632019-07-19_00582019-07-19_00572019-07-19_00472019-07-19_00532019-07-19_00552019-07-19_00542019-07-19_00452019-07-19_00522019-07-19_00722019-07-19_00742019-07-19_0051


Abigail Rose Turns 2|A backyard portrait Session

This little cutie just turned two!  This is Abigail ” Abby” and she has so much personality and spunk!  Abby is the “baby ” and has 3 older siblings so needless to say she has everyone wrapped around her little finger!  This was Abby’s birthday session/family session.  One thing I noticed very quickly was how the older siblings were so sweet and helpful. We did the family pics first and Abby was the star!  Her brothers and sister had her smiling so pretty and she did great!  However, when it was time to do her birthday pictures alone,  Abby wasn’t feeling it at all and she was ready to go home!  At some point I found out that Abby loves dogs.  We were able to talk her into going to my house to meet my dog Skipper and finish her session there.   So if you see my dog in these pictures, that is why ! Haha!  Hey it did the trick because they turned out so cute! 2019-07-19_00162019-07-19_00192019-07-19_00262019-07-19_00142019-07-19_00252019-07-19_00302019-07-19_00222019-07-19_00342019-07-19_00232019-07-19_00292019-07-19_00282019-07-19_00202019-07-19_00172019-07-19_00242019-07-19_00272019-07-19_00212019-07-19_0015Happy Birthday Abby!  You are one sweet girl!