Patrick and Madison|Christmas Portrait|Morganton, NC

Meet Patrick and Madison.  I was thrilled when Patrick reached out to me to do a Christmas Session for them. Having pictures made really isn’t his thing, but he did this for Madison.   (HOW SWEET!)   I have known Patrick since he was a year old!  That sounds crazy to me, but it’s true.  His mom, Aimi, and I used to work together and have been friends for years.  This is the first time meeting Madison and let me tell you, she is so sweet I just fell in love with her.  Patrick, you have great taste! Patrick and Madison started dating in college while they both attended UNC Charlotte.   I am so glad they found each other because they just seem perfect together.  I have never seen Patrick so comfortable and happy.  These pictures truly reflect that because, seriously, they both smiled the entire session.  I had so much fun with these two.  I didn’t want our session to end!  2018-11-04_00372018-11-04_00332018-11-04_00312018-11-04_00302018-11-04_00222018-11-04_00032018-11-04_00012018-11-04_00082018-11-04_00162018-11-04_00122018-11-04_00412018-11-04_00442018-11-04_00062018-11-04_00092018-11-04_00042018-11-04_00102018-11-04_00172018-11-04_00022018-11-04_00132018-11-04_00202018-11-04_00152018-11-04_00232018-11-04_00242018-11-04_00362018-11-04_00262018-11-04_00252018-11-04_00352018-11-04_00422018-11-04_00342018-11-04_00282018-11-04_00322018-11-04_00192018-11-04_00162018-11-04_0005Patrick and Madison, You two make a great team and are the sweetest together. Thank you both for allowing me to take these sweet photos. (Madison, thank you for picking out the outfits! ha ha! You both look great!) Love you both!


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