Marshall|9 Month Portrait Session

Marshall just turned 9 months old!  When his mom reached out to me for these pics, I was like , “Didn’t we just do his 6 month session, like 2 weeks ago?”  Time sure does fly by!   To all the mom’s (and dad’s) out there of young children, bless you!  Nine months old’s are a lot of work.  They are pulling up, constantly crawling (almost walking ) and exploring, opening cabinets, etc.  I’m tired just typing this!  It’s been a long time since my kids were this little and you just forget what all you have to do to keep these little ones alive and happy!  So for all you exhausted mom’s and dad’s out there, I remember how you feel but just know each phase is different and I promise you will eventually get some rest!

Marshall is pulling up and standing on his own.  Crawling super fast!  He likes to “mow” on his little tractor, play with tractors and cars and I think his favorite thing is to open and close cabinets.  He is absolutely adorable and while he is on the go these days, he is still such a happy, precious and cuddly baby.

Check out his 9 month old session.  2019-08-10_00752019-08-10_00572019-08-10_00502019-08-10_00592019-08-10_00492019-08-10_01122019-08-10_00582019-08-10_00952019-08-10_01142019-08-10_00862019-08-10_00702019-08-10_00832019-08-10_00822019-08-10_01102019-08-13_00012019-08-10_00542019-08-10_00462019-08-10_00512019-08-10_01112019-08-10_00632019-08-10_00522019-08-10_00682019-08-10_00532019-08-10_00472019-08-10_00622019-08-10_00612019-08-10_00652019-08-10_00742019-08-10_00882019-08-10_01012019-08-10_01022019-08-10_00902019-08-10_01062019-08-10_00932019-08-10_00992019-08-10_00562019-08-10_00672019-08-10_00422019-08-10_00662019-08-10_00692019-08-10_00732019-08-10_00792019-08-10_00892019-08-10_00922019-08-10_00962019-08-10_00942019-08-10_01032019-08-10_0105

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