Mark and Danielle| An Outdoor Winter Wedding at North 40 Guest House

I will never forget what Danielle said to me when she reached out to me about booking her wedding.  She said that I did her brother’s wedding last year and she knew she would be a nervous bride and that I had a way of making people feel very comfortable around me.  In my opinion, that is one of the best compliments I have ever been given and it meant so much to me when she said it.   Actually Danielle was a very calm bride.  The week of her wedding and up to the day before we had so much rain and wind that the couple had to perfect a back up plan to move the wedding indoors.  Danielle had every reason to panic but I never saw her anything but calm. Thankfully, on the day of the wedding, the wind dried up most of the soggy ground and they were able to have their beautiful wedding outdoors just like planned. There were so many special details to remember about this day.   Mark, the groom, and Michael, the bride’s father, built and arbor together that held the most beautiful flowers by Garden Gate Floral . Michael also made the heart shaped ring box at Danielle’s request.  It was such a special detail to this beautiful day.  2019-12-28_0009The heart shaped ring box made by Danielle’s father.2019-12-28_0012The flowers on the arbor that Mark and Michael made were stunning!!2019-12-28_00252019-12-28_00852019-12-28_00082019-12-28_00102019-12-28_00062019-12-28_00232019-12-28_0017Stella was the flower dog.2019-12-28_00562020-01-13_00022019-12-28_00212019-12-28_00262019-12-28_00222019-12-28_00272019-12-28_00322019-12-28_00312019-12-28_00862019-12-28_00932019-12-28_00822019-12-28_0060Flowers by garden gate floral2019-12-28_00592020-01-13_0001This is Danielle’s family.  We were introduced at her brother Chase’s wedding last year. click here to see his wedding.2019-12-28_00842019-12-28_00832019-12-28_00912019-12-28_00892019-12-28_00902019-12-28_0044Father daughter dance.


2020-01-13_0007Reception fun!2020-01-13_00112020-01-13_00102020-01-13_00082020-01-13_0006Mark and Danielle, I wish you many, many happy years together.

All the best!



Venue:North 40 guest house

Flowers: Garden Gate Floral


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