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Meet Madison, owner of MH Woodburning Designs.  She is such a smart, motivated, and talented lady.  She is a full-time teacher and operates her wood burning business on the side.   Madison is recently engaged to Patrick (a family friend of ours) and they are the perfect couple together. Madison offers custom woodburned signs and gifts.  Her signs could be the ideal way to add that personalized detail to your photo session with me.  For example, you could custom order a sign with your family name, a favorite saying, a birth announcement or engagement announcement. There are so many possibilities and I could go on and on, but I will spare you!   You can check her out at her Etsy store, MH Woodburning Designs . 2019-06-23_00032019-06-23_00052019-06-23_00022019-06-23_00062019-06-23_00072019-06-23_00122019-06-23_00112019-06-23_00162019-06-23_00012019-06-23_00222019-06-23_0013Home Sweet Home is one of Madison’s Favorites. She made this sign for a promotion we are going to do together.  I love it too.   Thanks Madison!


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