A Maternity Portrait Session in the foothills of Western North Carolina.

I met Lauren and her husband Lawrence for the first time for their maternity session.  I didn’t realize until our session that I know Lauren’s sister, Madison.  Well that was just an immediate connection and we really hit if off!   Lauren and Lawrence already have a 3-year-old little boy, Turner (who is so adorable) but this time they are having a little girl.  Let me just say that I loved what Lauren had picked out for her family to wear for this session!  I am a big fan of long flowy dresses and Turner’s suspenders were just too cute.   It took a little bit, but Turner really warmed up to the camera and  he only wanted me to take pictures of him!  He is so excited to be a big brother!

I had so much fun with this family and felt very comfortable joking around with them.    We have a lot in common. For example, they both work with the youth in their church and so do my husband and I.   About halfway through the session a random toddler walked up to them and was lost from his parents.  I was so impressed how Lawrence and Lauren stopped what they were doing  and immediately helped that child find his family at the playground.  You can tell these are really kind, caring people.

Lauren is just beautiful and glowing as you will see in the pictures. This couple has a genuine happiness and joy between them.   I think they picked a very fitting name for their new addition.  Ansley Joy.  2019-04-08_00042019-04-08_00102019-04-08_00032019-04-08_00082019-04-09_00152019-04-08_00112019-04-09_00112019-04-09_00182019-04-09_00222019-04-09_00042019-04-09_00162019-04-09_00312019-04-09_00252019-04-08_00122019-04-09_00062019-04-08_00072019-04-08_00092019-04-09_00012019-04-09_00032019-04-09_00172019-04-09_00122019-04-09_00292019-04-09_00072019-04-09_00282019-04-09_00232019-04-09_00272019-04-09_00142019-04-09_00052019-04-08_00022019-04-09_00022019-04-08_00132019-04-09_00102019-04-09_00302019-04-09_00092019-04-09_00202019-04-09_00132019-04-08_00062019-04-08_00052019-04-09_00212019-04-09_0026

Lauren and Lawrence, You are already great parents and it shows.  I wish you all the best in the weeks to come as you welcome your sweet little girl into this world.


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