Lauren Little|Maternity Session| Hickory, NC

Lauren and Josh ROCKED their maternity session!  I loved this session so much that I dindn’t want it to end.  Lauren and Josh are having a little girl, her name is Charley Jean.  I just love it!  She is being named after her Lauren’s grandmother.  Charley Jean is such a wonderful southern name.  Lauren and I used to work together and so I have heard all about Josh but this was my first time meeting him. He was hilarious and we all had so much fun! You can see the joy they share in these pictures and that is like my favorite thing ever!   Lauren and I talked quite a bit before her session about locations and posing ideas and how awkward she feels getting pictures made.   I agree it can feel very awkward but it can also be so much fun if you just have the right attitude and just go with it and that is exactly what they did.  Their session was perfect! 2019-07-19_01932019-07-19_02002019-07-19_01962019-07-19_02042019-07-19_02032019-07-19_01952019-07-19_01922019-07-19_01882019-07-19_0189My favorite from their session!  So Sweet. 2019-07-19_01822019-07-19_01812019-07-19_01832019-07-19_01682019-07-19_01802019-07-19_01732019-07-19_01792019-07-19_01752019-07-19_01762019-07-19_01702019-07-19_01672019-07-19_01722019-07-19_01662019-07-19_01602019-07-19_0164Another one of my  favorites! Lauren is stunning!2019-07-19_01872019-07-19_01622019-07-19_0165Josh is hilarious!  2019-07-19_01692019-07-19_01612019-07-19_01512019-07-19_01562019-07-19_01552019-07-19_01572019-07-19_01582019-07-19_01532019-07-19_01592019-07-19_0152Lauren Loves Converse tennis shoes so much that she wore them to her wedding!  It’s only fitting that Charley Jean have a pair of bubblegum pink ones!2019-07-19_01422019-07-19_01432019-07-19_01382019-07-19_01392019-07-19_01502019-07-19_0174This is a custom sign that we got from my friend Madison at  MH Woodburining Designs2019-07-19_01402019-07-19_01862019-07-19_01312019-07-19_01412019-07-19_01342019-07-19_01492019-07-19_01352019-07-19_01292019-07-19_01332019-07-19_01272019-07-19_01162019-07-19_01122019-07-19_0118Lauren and Josh, ya’ll are going to be amazing parents to Charley Jean.  (Please call her both names, haha for the full southern effect).  I hope she has Lauren’s beauty and Josh’s sense of humor! I can’t wait to meet her!

All the best


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