It’s all in the details…

I was practicing some shots for an upcoming wedding I will be shooting.    I wanted to share that these are all of My everyday things.  That’s my diamond, necklace,  bracelet and earrings I wear almost every day.  Those are my shoes (that I actually wear to work sometimes! I call them my “princess” shoes, cause they are super sparkly and what girl doesn’t love that??).  All the flower and plants came from my front yard and the book is just a little notebook I received as a gift.  I wanted to share these pictures to let soon to be brides know, that you can still have beautiful images from your wedding day even if you are on a tight budget.  You just need to have a good photographer!  2018-09-22_00012018-09-22_00022018-09-22_00032018-09-22_00072018-09-22_00062018-09-22_00092018-09-22_00082018-09-22_00042018-09-22_00052018-09-22_00122018-09-22_00142018-09-22_00112018-09-22_00102018-09-22_0013Of course what girl doesn’t want an endless wedding budget? But lets be real. Not everyone gets that opportunity… I hope this post helps you see, that sometimes its just the simple things in life that matter and whatever your wedding budget is,  you can still have beautiful images.



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