Happy Birthday Eloise!| A Backyard Family Session

Eloise just had a milestone birthday and party! This was her first “real birthday party” ever!  Of course her family has had celebrations and dinners for her before, but this time all her friends and family were invited and it was an acutual PARTY!  She just turned 80 and looks and feels wonderful!  Pam, Eloise’s daughter, reached out to me about doing a family session for her parents with all their kids, grandkids and great grankids before the party started (which I thought was a great idea)!  So here is their family backyard portrait session!  2019-10-11_00272019-10-11_00042019-10-11_00282019-10-11_00032019-10-11_00082019-10-11_00262019-10-11_00292019-10-11_00192019-10-11_00212019-10-11_00222019-10-11_00302019-10-11_00242019-10-11_00112019-10-11_00142019-10-11_00092019-10-11_00152019-10-11_0010Eloise, I hope you have the happiest year yet!

All the best!


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