Grace and I decided to take her portraits at the NC Arboretum in Asheville, NC.  Not the best time of year for this but you never know until you try.  It had been close to 20 years since I had been there so I couldn’t remember what was even there.  Next time I go I definitely want to take some hiking boots with me.  There are miles and miles of trails that appeared to follow a river.   There is also a bistro there that looked pretty nice.  We only saw three trees in bloom there.   There were two yellow ones and one pink one.  The pink one was swarming with bees so loud you could hear them! We decided not to shoot there.  It wasn’t worth the risk of being stung.  I would definitely go back to the Arboretum but I would like to go in the spring or fall when there is more foliage.   Grace was freezing during this session so I gave her my sweater as we were leaving.  On the way out this little puppy ran up to her.  It was so cute!  I managed to get a few images of it.   2019-03-03_00032019-03-03_00132019-03-03_00112019-03-03_00252019-03-03_00222019-03-03_00312019-03-03_00372019-03-03_00232019-03-03_00012019-03-03_00182019-03-03_00092019-03-03_00052019-03-03_00102019-03-03_00062019-03-03_00162019-03-03_00342019-03-03_00152019-03-03_00142019-03-03_00072019-03-03_00122019-03-03_00082019-03-03_00172019-03-03_00212019-03-03_00202019-03-03_00262019-03-03_00272019-03-03_00332019-03-03_00282019-03-03_00362019-03-03_00392019-03-03_00292019-03-03_00302019-03-03_00242019-03-03_0032~Laura


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