Grace and Ben

Spring Portraits

These are my kids, Grace and Ben. Grace is in 10th grade and Ben is in 7th. So sad to know they won’t finish this school year because of COVID 19. During our staying at home, Ben has been keeping busy with yard work, online classes for scouts and woodworking. Grace has learned to cook and bake and is quite good at both! Ben has a birthday next week and he will officially be a teenager! He is almost as tall as his sister and she is 5’10”! As you may have heard me say this before, he HATES having his pictures made and hides anytime I get my camera anywhere near him. I call him Chandler Bing off of FRIENDS. (If you don’t watch FRIENDS then that won’t make sense to you). There are a ton more pictures of Grace than Ben and that’s because he barely cooperates. So, this was the best I could get with him. Believe me, I am happy to have anything I can! I am really enjoying them at this age and they are so fun and get along most of the time. I can see the friendship and bond they have together. Don’t get me wrong, they still have their fair share of moments when they fight but I can see them getting closer every day!

I never think Grace looks like me, but I do in this picture above.

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