Easton|Newborn Session

I AM IN LOVE!! Amy and Phillip just welcomed their newest little bundle of joy to their family! Easton Levi!  He is the sweetest little cuddle bug!  This is the first newborn session I have done so far without a heater!  I find that the heater usually puts most babies right to sleep.  Not this  little guy.  It mad him mad!  He was so hot natured.  (I can’t say I blame him, I don’t like to be hot when I sleep either!)  He is just a dream and I am so happy for this family! 2019-10-12_00992019-10-12_0103Look at those toes!  I think this may be my favorite image from their session! I just love his toes and how he spreads them!!2019-10-12_00982019-10-12_01042019-10-12_01002019-10-12_00722019-10-12_01012019-10-12_0097Big sister Kaylee is going to spoil him rotten!2019-10-12_01022019-10-12_00962019-10-12_00952019-10-12_00892019-10-12_00862019-10-12_00882019-10-12_00822019-10-12_00802019-10-12_00742019-10-12_00902019-10-12_00872019-10-12_00582019-10-12_00782019-10-12_00922019-10-12_00772019-10-12_00852019-10-12_00812019-10-12_00692019-10-12_00842019-10-12_00762019-10-12_00912019-10-12_01052019-10-12_00662019-10-12_00712019-10-12_00602019-10-12_00592019-10-12_00632019-10-12_00672019-10-12_0061Easton,  you are so loved and special and I am sure your mom would agree, totally worth the 22 hours of labor!

All the best!


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