Chris & Landyn|Portrait Session at Lake James, NC

I recently did a portrait session at Lake James with this sweet couple.  Chris and Landyn have been married about a year and a half  and they are just so cute and in love.  I had actually never met Landyn until the day of our session but we have mutual friends and have always heard of each other so we had an immediate connection.    I have known Chris since he was a kid .  His aunt is one of my very good friends and she has always called him Christopher.  I kept calling him that out of old habit but he was a good sport about it and didn’t seem to mind.  Actually,  Chris was really laid back and patient the entire session.  Landyn was so sweet and cheerful. Our weather was warm but the wind was blowing so hard that we would have to wait in between gusts to take a picture       (otherwise Landyn’s hair would have been all over the place). Through all that they never lost their cheerful and willing attitudes. It was such a pleasure working with them both.  Check out these sunset pictures at Lake James.  2019-04-30_00072019-04-30_00112019-04-30_00232019-04-30_00162019-04-30_00082019-04-30_00182019-04-30_00282019-04-30_00052019-04-30_00142019-04-30_00102019-04-30_00312019-04-30_00402019-05-02_0002One of my favorites!2019-04-30_00242019-04-30_00122019-04-30_00062019-04-30_00402019-04-30_00262019-04-30_00322019-04-30_00292019-04-30_00462019-04-30_00552019-04-30_00202019-04-30_00542019-04-30_00432019-04-30_00022019-04-30_00442019-04-30_00582019-04-30_00572019-04-30_00392019-04-30_00302019-04-30_00422019-04-30_0045We ended our session with some pictures of Short Off Mountain in the background.  Chris and Landyn, I can’t wait to go kayaking with you guys!!!  You guys are such a great couple together and I am excited to see what all your future brings.

All the Best!




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