Burke Historic Tea and Tour at Bridgewater Hall Historic Inn

The Historic Burke Foundation had a “Tea and Tour” last weekend at the newly renovated Bridgewater Hall Historic Inn, owned and operated by Michael Gavin.  This event was open to the public for Tea and a Tour of the newly renovated property followed by a presentation from the owner in the chapel that is also on the property.  Michael spoke about the history of  Bridgewater Hall, information that has been passed down from previous owners, his dream of owning the property as well as his vision for the future of Bridgewater Hall Historic Inn.  The Tour was self guided and was quite nice.  There was a cello player so you could hear the melodies played softly throughout the house.  A wedding dress was on display in each room,  Many of the dresses on display  belonged to family members of the Historic Foundation.  Beside each dress was a picture with the original bride wearing the dress.  Downstairs, tea and refreshments were served.   The Inn is now open for overnight guests,  weddings and other events. For more information you can go to: Bridgewater Hall Historic Inn   2019-05-02_00182019-05-02_0006Granddaughters of one of the board members of the foundation were among the many guests. 6I0A2333-12019-05-02_00112019-05-02_00072019-05-02_0008Board members of the Historic Burke Foundation.2019-05-02_00352019-05-02_0009Guests enjoy the beautiful day with outdoor seating.  There is plenty of it at this venue with all the porches.2019-05-02_00042019-05-02_00142019-05-02_00172019-05-02_0021Dresses were displayed in many of the rooms with a photo of the original owner wearing each dress. 2019-05-02_0038The tea service was self-serve in the foyer.2019-05-02_00192019-05-02_0023The cello was just another element of class to this event.  The soloist played one of my favorites, “Ashokan Farewell”, the sweet, sad fiddle tune that was the theme of the PBS documentary “The Civil War.”2019-05-02_00242019-05-02_00262019-05-02_0037Guests admire the detail of the dresses on display.2019-05-02_00322019-05-02_00202019-05-02_00162019-05-02_00362019-05-02_0025Michael, Owner of Bridgewater Hall, spoke to the guests about the history and future of Bridgewater Hall.  He was quite the entertainer!2019-05-02_00302019-05-02_0029Michael( center) introduces his two sons, Jeff( left) and Mack (right).  2019-05-02_0022This event was wonderful!  If you didn’t make it this year and you like history or love old historic homes with all the southern charm, check out events like this at The Historic Burke Foundation or schedule your tour or stay  at Bridgewater Hall Historic Inn  .

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