The Flynt Family| Apple Orchard Fun

Ryan and Casey have made a tradition of going to the Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton, NC every year with their two little boys. This year , that tradition included Ryan’s parents and his sister.   I tagged along with them to capture some portraits at this place they love so much.     This year the memories were:  seeing how much the boys had grown from the sign when you first go in, bright sunshine, wet grass leaving our feet damp and a little bit icky ( you may even notice some bare feet in a few of these pics), gnats that got in our eyes (but made Ryan laugh at the little one swatting them), beautiful sweet smelling apples, parents and grandparents willing to do anything to get a good picture (even letting kids stand on their feet!) and apple doughnuts for the trip home.  All in all,  a pretty good day at the orchard.  2019-09-27_00172019-09-27_00322019-09-27_00262019-09-27_00332019-09-27_00272019-09-27_00302019-09-27_00252019-09-27_00242019-09-27_00222019-09-27_00292019-09-27_00282019-09-27_00232019-09-27_00142019-09-27_00152019-09-27_00162019-09-27_00212019-09-27_00132019-09-24_00012019-09-27_00102019-09-27_00092019-09-27_00182019-09-27_00122019-09-27_00062019-09-27_00052019-09-27_00072019-09-27_00082019-09-24_00032019-09-27_00032019-09-27_00112019-09-27_0004


The Edwards Family| Morganton, NC

As you may know, I have a full time career in banking and Photography is my passion (side gig).  I work with Angie at my day job.  She has the best personality and is so much fun.  Everybody loves her!  She asked me to do some family pictures for them, months in advance because her son(Matt),daughter in law(Ann Marie) and grandaughter(Madison) were coming in to visit from Colorado the week of Labor Day.  Of course I was happy to!  Angie misses them terribly and I get to hear all the cute stories of Madison . She will tell you that she is from Evergreen, Colorado!  She is just so cute!  It worked out that the whole family got together for some family portraits. Angie’s Dad(Cliff), husband (Roger), daughter (Lindsey), son (Matt), daughter in law (Ann Marie) and grandaughter (Madison).   The second location was on top of a mountain with a beautiful view.  It made me think of the Sound of Music!  Angie is such a fun grandma who gets on the ground and plays with Madison.  They are just so fun together. Check out their session!


2019-09-18_0045Ann Marie, Matt, Linsey, Roger, Madison, Angie and Cliff.(in order from left to right)2019-09-18_0043Angie’s grandaughter and Angie Father.  2019-09-18_00512019-09-18_00552019-09-18_00522019-09-18_00492019-09-18_0035Madison loves her twirly dress.  She only had 3 outfit changes for our session!  LOL!2019-09-18_00472019-09-18_00482019-09-18_0046Angie’s daughter, grandaughter and Angie’s Dad.  2019-09-18_0016I just love this picture!  This family has so much joy. 2019-09-18_00542019-09-18_00252019-09-18_00322019-09-18_00372019-09-18_00442019-09-18_00362019-09-18_00412019-09-18_00502019-09-18_0034Mama’s and their daughter’s.  Angie’s daughter in law and grandaughter on the left and Angie and her daughter on the right. 2019-09-18_00392019-09-18_00312019-09-18_00212019-09-18_00182019-09-18_00192019-09-18_00202019-09-18_00142019-09-18_00222019-09-18_00152019-09-18_00172019-09-18_00052019-09-18_00032019-09-18_00082019-09-18_00122019-09-18_00042019-09-18_00022019-09-18_00012019-09-18_00062019-09-18_00292019-09-18_00072019-09-18_00302019-09-18_0013


Amy Clontz|Maternity|McGalliard Falls, Valdese

This family is so special to us! Phillip is Michael’s cousin and he was just a little boy when Michael and I got married.  Now,  he has a beautiful wife, Amy, and they have a growing family of their own! They have a beautiful little girl, Kaylee, and are expecting a baby boy very soon.   Kaylee can’t wait to be a big sister.  She already loves her baby brother so much!  You can see in these photos, she is just a sweetheart!! She takes dance, and when they were walking, she would point her toes just like she would in dance class.  It cracked me up, it was just the cutest thing ever!   2019-09-10_00292019-09-10_00092019-09-10_00252019-09-10_00342019-09-10_00332019-09-10_00242019-09-10_00262019-09-10_00302019-09-10_00312019-09-10_00232019-09-10_00322019-09-10_00202019-09-10_00282019-09-10_00222019-09-10_00212019-09-10_00162019-09-10_00182019-09-10_00082019-09-10_00042019-09-10_00192019-09-10_00112019-09-10_00062019-09-10_00172019-09-10_00142019-09-10_00032019-09-10_00012019-09-10_00132019-09-10_00102019-09-10_0002Phillip, we are so proud of you and Amy and think you are amazing parents.  Best wishes to you on your new addition!  We can’t wait to meet him!

All the best!



Jamie Adams|Maternity| Marion, NC

Jamie and Garrett were high school sweethearts and are now expecting their first baby, a little girl, next week.  Garrett’s family has a campground in Marion with a pond and River and Jamie thought that would be the perfect place for her maternity session.  I love when I get to shoot at a location that means something special to a couple or family.  This campground has been a part of Garret’s family for many years and I am sure they will have many happy memories in the future as they watch their little girl grow up playing here every summer.  I loved how this session turned out!  You would never know their were camper trailers around!  And Jamie, you look stunning!

Jamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie Adams MaternityJamie and Garrett, All the best to you both as you welcome your new baby girl!



Introducing Miss Charley Jean| Newborn Session| Hickory, NC

I was thrilled to get to do this newborn session for a friend of mine, Lauren.  If you follow my blog, you will remember a little over a month ago, I did Josh and Lauren’s maternity session.  I would like to introduce Charley Jean.  She is named after two of her grandmothers.  I just love her name.  It sounds so southern to me.

Let me share a story.  Josh’s grandmother passed away last year, but before she did, she knitted two blankets for Josh and Lauren.  One pink and one blue. Lauren wasn’t even pregnant when she gave the blankets to them.  Now that she is gone, these blankets are treasures to Josh and Lauren and it is something that they will pass down to Charley Jean one day for her children.  That is just so special to them both so you will see some images of those blankets throughout this session.

Charley was so perfect for this session.  I could not have asked for a better baby or parents that just dove right in and helped me with anything I asked them to do or needed.  I always have fun around these two!


2019-09-01_00042019-09-01_00012019-09-01_0093This was actually Lauren’s blanket when she was a baby!

2019-09-01_00092019-09-01_00672019-09-01_00642019-09-01_00072019-09-01_00582019-09-01_00552019-09-01_00512019-09-01_00792019-09-01_00782019-09-01_00522019-09-01_00172019-09-01_00542019-09-01_00252019-09-01_00722019-09-01_00372019-09-01_00872019-09-01_00472019-09-01_00622019-09-01_00182019-09-01_00902019-09-01_00762019-09-01_00572019-09-01_00652019-09-01_00562019-09-01_00592019-09-01_00842019-09-01_00732019-09-01_00832019-09-01_00942019-09-01_00892019-09-01_00862019-09-01_0011These are the blankets (one pink, one blue)that Josh’s Grandmother made before she passed away.2019-09-01_00302019-09-01_00922019-09-01_00052019-09-01_00272019-09-01_00102019-09-01_00132019-09-01_00322019-09-01_00912019-09-01_00282019-09-01_00612019-09-01_00382019-09-01_00742019-09-01_00702019-09-01_00662019-09-01_00752019-09-01_00122019-09-01_00822019-09-01_00812019-09-01_00802019-09-01_00432019-09-01_00852019-09-01_00312019-09-01_00292019-09-01_00202019-09-01_00492019-09-01_00352019-09-01_00392019-09-01_00342019-09-01_00332019-09-01_00152019-09-01_00232019-09-01_00222019-09-01_00212019-09-01_0003


Chatham Family Vacation| Bahamas 2019

School is back in session and summer is officially over so  I thought I would share our pictures from our family vacation this year.  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas.    We have been on several cruises before, but I must say this was probably my favorite as far as destinations and excursions. We visited Princess Cay (a private island) which was wonderful, then we went to Blue Lagoon Beach in Nassau.  BLUE LAGOON WAS AMAZING!  There was no disappointment at all!  Michael and the kids did a dolphin swim there, which was a bucket list item for Grace.  She has wanted to do that since she was little.  I decided not to participate because I wanted to watch and take pictures.  Blue Lagoon Beach looks like something from Gilligan’s Island. The water is cleaner than most swimming pools.   It was paradise.  I didn’t want to leave and if we ever go back to Nassau that is where you will find me!

The cruise was so relaxing and just what Michael and I needed.  The kids had a great time too! And we managed to still love each other even after we all 4 stayed in one tiny cabin together all week! LOL!  Grace enjoyed watching people sing karokee and Ben enjoyed the water slide and the pool (which the kids called Human Soup because the water was so hot and it was full of people.  Standing room only).  Michael enjoyed some much needed down time, no cell phones and the burger bar.  I also enjoyed the much needed dowtime and was able to catch up on some reading. We had an amazing waiter named Henry that completely spoiled us and a magician that would come around to our table every evening and completely blow our minds with the tricks up his sleeve. Ha! Enjoy the pictures from our vacay,  they are just in random order.






Nash Turns Three|McGalliard Falls|Valdese, NC

I think Hayley may be a supermom!  Not only did she look amazing for this session and had her family looking great, she wore the cutest wedge shoes AND she walked up and down the steepest dirt and gravel hill in them and never complained.  NOT ONCE!  I was super impressed with her!

Hayley had reached out to me wanting some updated family pics for Nash’s upcoming birthday.  He turns 3 today and he is so cute!  I love his hair!  I mean look at these curls!  This family was so sweet to work with even in 90+ degree heat!  You guys were great! Check out their family session at McGalliard Falls.2019-08-15_00262019-08-15_00392019-08-15_00342019-08-15_00312019-08-15_00042019-08-15_00232019-08-15_00362019-08-15_00292019-08-15_00332019-08-15_00092019-08-15_00202019-08-15_00032019-08-15_00422019-08-15_00142019-08-15_00252019-08-15_00192019-08-15_00302019-08-15_00082019-08-15_00112019-08-15_00372019-08-15_00352019-08-15_00412019-08-15_00182019-08-15_00172019-08-15_0038He was dying to throw a rock or two so we just had to let him! Don’t worry, no one was round to hit! Nash is ALL BOY! 2019-08-15_00242019-08-15_00402019-08-15_00012019-08-15_0027His hair!  I love his hair!  Isn’t he adorable?2019-08-15_0016