Austin and Tasha Engaged

A Rustic, Country engagement session full of love, joy and lots of laughter.

Not everyone can say that they have planned a wedding during a pandemic, but Tasha and Austin can! Unfortunately, COVID 19 hit right in the middle of their engagement. Tasha is amazing! She has such a positive attitude and they are still getting married on May 24th even though it may be different than their original plans.
We chose this location because Tasha wanted something that fit their personality and style. They love history and older things that are worn and well loved. So we found this old building that makes you wonder what it would say if the walls could talk.
The day of this engagement session was so windy and cold but Tasha never complained and was such a trooper through it all! She has a way of just rolling with things and I love her fun loving attitude. Austin is quite hilarious too! At times it was hard to even take pictures for all the laughter! One of my top goals of engagement sessions is to make sure my couples have FUN. Tasha told me Austin was a bit apprehensive about having engagement pictures done, but he was so much fun and at the end of our session he told me he had a good time. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Tasha and Austin, I wish you continued happiness in your future together. If you can plan a wedding during a pandemic then you can accomplish anything life brings you!
~All the best

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