Amy Clontz|Maternity|McGalliard Falls, Valdese

This family is so special to us! Phillip is Michael’s cousin and he was just a little boy when Michael and I got married.  Now,  he has a beautiful wife, Amy, and they have a growing family of their own! They have a beautiful little girl, Kaylee, and are expecting a baby boy very soon.   Kaylee can’t wait to be a big sister.  She already loves her baby brother so much!  You can see in these photos, she is just a sweetheart!! She takes dance, and when they were walking, she would point her toes just like she would in dance class.  It cracked me up, it was just the cutest thing ever!   2019-09-10_00292019-09-10_00092019-09-10_00252019-09-10_00342019-09-10_00332019-09-10_00242019-09-10_00262019-09-10_00302019-09-10_00312019-09-10_00232019-09-10_00322019-09-10_00202019-09-10_00282019-09-10_00222019-09-10_00212019-09-10_00162019-09-10_00182019-09-10_00082019-09-10_00042019-09-10_00192019-09-10_00112019-09-10_00062019-09-10_00172019-09-10_00142019-09-10_00032019-09-10_00012019-09-10_00132019-09-10_00102019-09-10_0002Phillip, we are so proud of you and Amy and think you are amazing parents.  Best wishes to you on your new addition!  We can’t wait to meet him!

All the best!


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