Allie Roper| Burke Middle College|Senior Portrait Session|Morganton, NC

Allie recently graduated from Burke Middle College with a high school diploma with many honors AND a two year associates degree. She will be attending Appalachian State University this fall. It rained the day of our session and we even considered rescheduling. Fortunately, it stopped raining and we were able to do our session together just as planned. Allie really wanted to try a glitter shot at the end of our session but it got dark a little too quickly but we captured it the best we could.

Allie just happens to be a friend of the family and that made her session extra fun for me! Allie used to have sleepovers at our house with our daughter, Grace, when they were younger. One of the things that always sticks out in my mind about Allie is how she would stay the night with Grace and for entertainment they would rearrange her room and then Allie would organize it. The weird thing is that she really seemed to like doing that. She and I have that in common because I LOVE to clean , rearrange and organize spaces.

Allie is very bright girl and we would always discuss books we had read when she used to come over to our house. She would hang out in the living room with our family almost as much as she hung out in Grace’s room. I think my favorite thing about Allie is her laughter. It’s contagious. She has always had a sweet, happy spirit about her and I hope she always does!

One of her favorite Bible Verses is Psalm 46:5, “If God is within her she will not fail.”

Allie, I know you will succeed in life. We love you and wish you all the best!

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