Alex Yourovski|Portrait|Morganton, NC

Meet Alex.  He is my mom’s best friend who is like family to us and is here visiting all the way from Phoenix, Arizona.  He wanted some photos of the beautfiul colors of North Carolina in the fall.  However, the leaves really haven’t turned their normal vibrant colors (red, yellow and orange) here yet. We got some pretty color in these images anyway.  This session was at the Japanese Garden in Morganton which is mostly shade so we walked across the street just to get at least one shot with a bright yellow tree!  Alex is a very kind man who loves trees, the outdoors and nature.  I think these pictures reflect that. It was a beautiful fall day and the weather was perfect.  Time absolutely flew by during this session!     2018-10-30_00222018-10-30_0026Alex and my mom.2018-10-30_00202018-10-30_00212018-10-30_00232018-10-30_00102018-10-30_00252018-10-30_00182018-10-30_00152018-10-30_00082018-10-30_0019This is that yellow tree!2018-10-30_00042018-10-30_00072018-10-30_00162018-10-30_00092018-10-30_0005One of my favorites !2018-10-30_00022018-10-30_00172018-10-30_00032018-10-30_00272018-10-30_00132018-10-30_0012Alex, I am so happy that you were able to come visit.  We will love these pictures of you for years to come.


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